Friday, 3 July 2009

Eleven Doctors Rumour is Not True

David Tenant has said - in response to the rumour made by the tabloids that a Children in Need special featuring all 11 Doctors will be aired - "Ooooh, that sounds like a good tabloid wheeze! It’s not something I’ve heard anything about, and I would have thought they’d be in touch. But that’d be quite a curious way to introduce Matt Smith. I’d have thought they’d wait until his first story. Not anything I’ve heard about yet.” If it was true, then David would have been told by now, he would have known a long time ago. Therefore, this cannot be true.

Tennant continued by describing his final day as the Tenth Doctor on set, “I’m all finished. Three or four weeks ago, I filmed my last scene, so it’s over. Still a long time to go before they’re all broadcast, though, so I’m still clinging on for a bit!” He then added: “But yeah, it’s done. It was very emotional, very exciting. We managed to go out with some of the best scripts I had in four years, so it was a real treat.”

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