Friday, 22 October 2010

Matt & Karen HMV Signing

articleimage_410 It has been announced that both Matt Smith and Karen Gillan will be signing copies of the Doctor Who: The Complete Fifth Series DVD box set at the HMV London, 150 Oxford Street on the day of its release, 8th November between 1pm and 3pm.

Entry to the signing will be by wristband only, 300 of which will be available exclusively from HMV London from 9am on Monday 8th November. Only one wristband will be available per customer and must be collected in person.

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Thursday, 14 October 2010

Doctor Who Magazine #427 Cover & Details

articleimage_350 The cover of issue #427 of Doctor Who Magazine has been released on DWM's official Facebook page. It features a special Sarah Jane Adventures theme with Elisabeth Sladen, Katy Manning and Matt Smith to celebrate the much-anticipated upcoming two-parter story 'Death of the Doctor'.


Click to enlarge.

In this issue of DWM…
  • 11th Doctor Joins Forces with Sarah Jane - As the new series of The Sarah Jane Adventures continues on BBC One, we reach the episode Death of the Doctor. Is the Doctor really dead? DWM previews this milestone story, as the Third Doctor's companion Jo Grant returns! Don't miss our exclusive chats with Matt Smith, Elisabeth Sladen and Katy Manning, plus exciting new photos!
  • Tom meets June - As the new BBC Audio series Demon Quest continues, DWM reunites Fourth Doctor Tom Baker with costume designer Jane Hudson! See what happens when we take them for tea in Soho!

  • Doctor Who Live - Doctor Who is taking to the stage for the first time in over 20 years! DWM gets behind-the-scenes info about this highly ambitious show, with new interviews and photos!

  • Axos All Areas - The Doctor and Amy's battle with the mighty Axos continues in Part Three of The Golden Ones by Jonathan Morris and Martin Geraghty!

  • ‘Mawdryn Undead’ in The Fact of Fiction

  • And the usual regulars: Steven Moffat's Production Notes, and all the latest news, reviews, competitions and much more!

    Doctor Who Magazine issue #427 is released across the UK on 21st October 2010 for £4.20.

    > Doctor Who Magazine official Facebook

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  • Tuesday, 12 October 2010

    Series Five Soundtrack Tracklistings


    With less than a month to go until its release, the Doctor Who: Series Five Original Television Soundtrack’s official track listing has finally been revealed by Silva Screen on their website and they have also, for the first time, revealed that the Series Five soundtrack will be a double-disc set, with ten more tracks than the Series Four Specials’ did (click cover to enlarge).

    DISC 1
    01. Doctor Who XI 

    The Eleventh Hour 
    02. Down To Earth
    03. Little Amy
    04. Fish Custard
    05. Can I Come With You?
    06. Little Amy: The Apple
    07. The Sun’s Gone Wibbly
    08. Zero
    09. I Am The Doctor
    10. The Mad Man With A Box
    11. Amy In The TARDIS 

    The Beast Below 
    12. The Beast Below
    13. Amy’s Theme
    14. A Lonely Decision 

    Victory Of The Daleks 
    15. A Tyrannical Menace
    16. Victory Of The Daleks
    17. Battle In The Sky 

    The Time of Angels / Flesh and Stone 
    18. River’s Path
    19. The Time Of Angels 

    The Vampires of Venice 
    20. I Offer You My Daughter
    21. Chicken Casanova
    22. Signora Rosanna Calvierri
    23. Cab For Amy Pond
    24. The Vampires Of Venice 

    Amy’s Choice 
    25. Wedded Bliss
    26. The Dream 

    The Hungry Earth / Cold Blood
    27. Rio de Cwmtaff
    28. The Silurians


    DISC 2
    Vincent And The Doctor
    1. Paint
    2. Vincent
    3. Hidden Treasures
    4. A Troubled Man
    5. With Love, Vincent

    The Lodger
    6. Adrift In The TARDIS
    7. Friends And Neighbours
    8. Doctor Gastronomy
    9. You Must Like It Here
    10. A Useful Striker
    11. A Painful Exchange
    12. Kiss The Girl
    13. Thank You Craig

    The Pandorica Opens / The Big Bang
    14. River Runs Through It
    15. Away On Horseback
    16. Beneath Stonehenge
    17. Who Else Is Coming
    18. Amy And Rory
    19. The Pandorica
    20. Words Win Wars
    21. The Life And Death Of Amy Pond
    22. Amy’s Starless Life
    23. Into The Museum
    24. This Is Where It Gets Complicated
    25. Roman Paradox
    26. The Patient Centurion
    27. The Same Sonic
    28. Honey I’m Home
    29. The Perfect Prison
    30. A River Of Tears
    31. The Sad Man With A Box
    32. You And Me, Amy
    33. The Big Day
    34. I remember You
    35. Onwards!

    The two-disc Doctor Who: Series 5 Original Television Soundtrack is due for release in the UK on November 8th 2010 for £11.99.

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    Sunday, 10 October 2010

    USA Shoot Confirmation & Details

    articleimage_409 The BBC and Steven Moffat have officially confirmed the rumour (previously reported by DWF) that Series 6 of Doctor Who will indeed be going on a location shoot to America for the first story of the series. They have also confirmed that the exact location they’re going to is the Utah desert, which will also be where the TARDIS trio arrive in the actual story as well. While in the 1960s, The Doctor and his newly-wed companions will also be called on a secret summons to the Oval Office.

    Her's the press release...

    The sixth series of Doctor Who will open with a two-parter set in the US, the BBC has announced. Scenes will be filmed in the Utah desert for a story set in the late '60s in which the Doctor, Amy and Rory find themselves on a secret summons to the Oval Office. The episodes have been written by new series boss Steven Moffat and co-produced with BBC America.

    Production starts in Cardiff this month with Matt Smith and Karen Gillen.
    Alex Kingston will reprises her role as River Song.

    Moffat said: "The Doctor has visited every weird and wonderful planet you can imagine, so he was bound get round to America eventually.
    "And of course every Doctor Who fan will be jumping up and down and saying he's been in America before. But not for real, not on location - and not with a story like this one."

    Meanwhile, to celebrate this news, BBC America have created a “teaser” for it...

    It's unclear whether The Moff was actually planning on revealing this information at this time, or whether he was forced to by the careless leaking of the location shoot by line producer David Mason on his online CV earlier this month.

    > Source – BBC News Entertainment

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    Friday, 8 October 2010

    Doctor Who Goes Stateside


    According to the online CV / résumé of a Line Producer on Doctor Who Series Six, David Mason, the programme will be going on a location shoot to the USA for episode "DOCTOR WHO X1.2".

    We have no idea, as of yet, about the nature of this location shoot, whether just brief or as integral as their trip to Croatia was in 'Vampires in Venice' and 'Vincent and the Doctor'. However, we do know from the web page that the Producer credited for this episode is Marcus Wilson, a newby to the crew of Doctor Who.
    The USA location shoot has now mysteriously disappeared from the web page, but a screenshot of it was taken before it had been...

    Image courtesy of Dr Who Spoilers.

    This is thought to be something to do with one of the many teasers given by Steven Moffat in The Brilliant Book of Doctor Who: “They’ll have to get a new name for Thanksgiving.” And The Moff's tease in the latest Doctor Who Magazine issue #426: “Have you ever wondered about Apollo Ten and a half?”  This episode is also apparently an adaptation of Terrence Dicks’ Virgin New Adventures story Blood Harvest which features the Seventh Doctor.

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    Monday, 4 October 2010

    SJA Series Four – New Trailers!

    articleimage_407 The CBBC have finally released the new trailers, one is a web-only trailer and the other is a full-length preview (as opposed to being shown alongside other CBBC shows), featuring the first clips of Matt Smith, Elisabeth Sladen and Katy Manning acting together. We’re also treated to shots of the creepy Nightmare Man (of the eponymously-named first story)

    Series Four Preview 2:

    Series Four Web Trailer:

    The Sarah Jane Adventures is set for broadcast in the UK every Monday and Tuesday (for Parts 1 and 2 of that week’s story) at 5.15pm on the CBBC channel and is repeated on Wednesday and Thursday at 4.30pm on BBC One, exempt for the first week when the repeats air on BBC Two.

    > SJA Official Site

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