Friday, 10 April 2009

2009 Specials - News and Rumours

Sci-fi fanatic website Io9 are reporting the return of Donna, Wilf, and Sylvia Noble in the last of the 2009 specials (also the last episode of David Tennant's). However, this time Wilf is the companion, not Donna...
Fans observed some filming at Donna Noble's house, in which all the Nobles took part. Wilf was wearing reindeer horns at various points, walking towards the TARDIS. In another scene, Wilf was sitting on his doorstop looking sad, and the Doctor threw a rock to get his attention. Wilf comes over and says the Doctor can't park his TARDIS there, Donna will see it.
Wilf says Donna had a "funny turn" when she saw "the book." "The book" is apparently
not the Journal Of Impossible Things, but another book, Fighting The Future by Joshua Naismith; Naismith is the guy who was falling to his knees as an alien spaceship landed, in the scenes shot last week. Watch that HERE or HERE[Ed - the word "Naismith" is also rumoured to be printed on the london bus in 'Planet of the Dead', maybe that is the specials' arc like Bad Wolf?]
Wilf also accuses the Doctor of being a "chicken," and Wilf talks on the radio, apparently to UNIT. [Ed - It looks as though UNIT features heavily in all the 2009 specials] Finally, the Doctor gets in the TARDIS, and Wilf comes with him because he can't stay with Sylvia. Sylvia runs up to the TARDIS as it disappears, yelling, "Give him back! Give my father back!" And then the TARDIS is gone. Donna comes out and asks Sylvia why she's yelling at thin air again.
  • John Simm has also been confirmed as appearing in the final special; he does have blonde hair but it is unclear yet whether he will wear a wig of some sort to cover this possibly for continuity.
  • After 'Planet of the Dead' there will be a preview of the 2nd 2009 Special and the title will be officially confirmed.
  • Finally, the 2nd Special's title has been rumoured as 'The Waters of Mars'! Could this mean the definite return of Sutekh ('Pyramids of Mars') or the Ice Warriors ('The Curse of Peladon', etc)? The latter certainly seems to be the more popular and likely choice, we'll just have to wait for the preview after 'Planet of the Dead'!
Which of these are you most excited about? What do you think of the Nobles and John Simm returning, or the 2nd special's title and preview?
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  1. Nice news.

    Miss Gallifrey
    The Bad Wolf TV

  2. omg. wilf's gonna be a companion. This is cool news. where u get ur info? the waters of mars looks really cool but i think it looks like a new baddie. He looks like an ordinary man but his eyes have no iris and he is possessed! OMG OMG OMG OMG


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