Saturday, 20 February 2010

New Series 5 Trailer!

Yes a brand new trailer aired on BBC one earlier tonight! AND It's also playing in cinemas across the UK and the trailer will be in 3-D for 3-D movies!

"That ones flickering..."
"Yeah, sorry thought I'd fixed that!"

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Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Neve McIntosh in Series 5 & Rumoured Titles

This really is a MASSIVE SPOILER! If you do not want to know anything about an upcoming 2-parter in Series 5 or some returning monsters or anything about Series 5, LOOK AWAY NOW!

Well, who would have thought the Perthshire Advertiser of all things would have an exclusive like this? Neve McIntosh has done an interview with the regional newspaper about her role in Series 5 of Doctor Who in the second 2-part story of the series. Apparently Neve thinks Matt Smith has the potential to outshine even Christopher Eccleston and David Tennant as The Doctor. She say, “I think he’s going to be really good, the best yet out of the new guys."

Then, as she continues, Neve describes her role in the 2-parter story: “The stories have got a bit darker. I play twins, and they’re big lizardwarrior women. They’re one of the Silurian tribes that have been undisturbed under the earth. And of course we get disturbed."

“It’s the first time I’ve worn prosthetics but I’m still recognisable if you know me well enough. But there’ll probably be lots of people going, ‘Who the hell is that?’”

Yes, you read that right, the Silurans are back, who despite having only been in 2 classic series stories have been a very popular monster indeed (if you don't know the Silurians - how? - check THIS out).

Neve also expressed a fondness for the show as well, and says of preparing for her role: “I remember the end of Jon Pertwee and the awesome Tom Baker, who were bridged by Sarah-Jane. A friend gave me a copy of the first Silurian story with Jon and the Sea Devils, and they came back later with Peter Davison. It’s great. I love Dr Who.”

The story, that also features Robert Pew and Meera Syal and is thought to comprise of episodes 8 and 9, has had it's titles speculated on and two possible, rumoured titles for this 2-parter are:
5.08: The Ground Beneath Their Feet
5.09: Cold Blood

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Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Series 5 Episode Titles and Confirmed Guest-Stars

The latest Doctor Who Magazine, issue #418, reveals the titles of the first three episodes of Series 5 starring Matt Smith and Karen Gillan. The titles are...

5.01: 'The Eleventh Hour'
5.02: 'The Beast Below'
5.03: 'Victory of the Daleks'

In his interview in DWM #418, Steven Moffat confirmed many of the guest-stars of Series 5. Arthur Darvill will begin his role as Rory, Amy Pond's boyfriend, in episode 1. Sophie Okonedo will appear in episode 2 - Okonedo previously appeared in the 2003 webcast of Dr Who 'Scream of the Shalka'. Bill Paterson will guest-star in episode 3 along with Ian McNeice. Then, in the two-parter of episodes 4 and 5, Alex Kingston has reprised her role as Professor River Song, the same story where the famous Weeping Angels will return. And finally, in episode 10, written by Richard Curtis, Tony Curran will play Vincent Van Gogh.

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