Saturday, 30 August 2008

Caption Competition #1

The first DWF Caption Competition will begin on September 1st (this year, obviously) and end on the 7th. So each Caption Comp will last 1 week.

I am starting it off on a screencap from 'Rose' in Series 1 and continuing from each episode in chronological order (including mini-specials). The winner of each week's wil have their caption displayed on the Caption Competition Archive page, which will be available when #1 has closed.

Enter your caption by putting it in a comment. Only competition entries please, no actual comments on it, just so as not to confuse.

Now think of a caption for this...

Notification - Monster Competition

The monster competition has been aborted, as there has only been one entry and I would currently prefer to consentrate on my action-figure series (see previous article for Part 2 of The Bat and the Wolf) at the moment.
Sorry for the confusion.

Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Adventures in Time and Space #2

Here is Part 2 of my first Adventures in Time and Space story, The Bat and the Wolf (featuring the 10th Doctor and Martha). See a few articles previously for Part 1.

Part 3 is currently being filmed.

The Quatermass Experiment

BBC4 are going to air the 2005 live broadcast version of The Quatermass Experiment. The original Quatermass Experiment, the 1953 science fiction drama by Nigel Kneale, was lost in the BBC archives.

This remake, being shown on Tuesday 2nd September at 10.30pm, stars David Tennant as Briscoe (the Doctor, obviously), Mark Gatiss as Paterson (writer for Doctor Who and played Profesor Lazarus), and Indira Varma as Judith Carroon (Suzie Costello in Torchwood).

BBC Cult's Quatermass homepage >>>

Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Trial of a Timelord Covers

2entertain have released their individual covers that are part of the Trial of a Timelord boxset (featuring Colin Baker; the 6th Doctor). The Trial of a Timelord boxset is released on September 29th at the price of £49.99.

Here are all the covers put into one (covers courtesy of Dr Who Online).

Monday, 25 August 2008

Adventures in Time and Space #1

I have started making my own doctor who action-figure series called Adventures In Time And Space featuring the 10th Doctor and Martha. Here is Part 1 of the first story, The Bat and the Wolf.

I will be posting Part 2 soon, so stay tuned!
Please comment.

And The Award Goes To...

Doctor Who has been named Programme of the Year at 2008's Edinburgh Television Festival annual awards. the BBC has won all three categories; the other two being Channel of the Year (awarded to BBC One) and Best Digital Channel (awarded to BBC Three).

Saturday, 23 August 2008

Green Death Audio

The cover of audio version of the 1973 story The Green Death, featuring 3rd Doctor and Jo Manning, has been released. The audiobook is read by Katy Manning who played Jo in the original series and recently in Big Finish audio plays.

Doctor Who and The Green Death will be released in the UK on september 19th 2008 for the price of £17.99.

Possible Doctor Who Movie

While he was filling in for RTD at the Edinburgh Television Festival, future show-runner, Steven Moffat, said this about the possibility of a Doctor Who movie:

"As long as it was great and fantastic then yeah. But a film is on 90 minutes and that is not as important as the series. But as long as it doesn't get in the way of the show we could do it. The world would be a poorer place without Doctor Who."

Read the entire interview from >>>

And, no, that poster is NOT REAL! Just a spoof poster!

Friday, 22 August 2008

The Forever Trap

A BBC Audio that is coming soon, called The Forever Trap, has been announced. The previous audio story was read by David Tennant, this time it read by Catherine Tate. The synopsis has not yet been released.

The Forever Trap is released on October 9th 2008 for the price of £9.99.

The Torchwood Archives

The new book The Torchwood Archives takes us behind-the-scenes of all the action in the Cardiff-based Hub. Here is a blurb that BBC Books have released:

"The Torchwood Archives is an insider's look into the secret world of this unique investigative team. In-depth background on personnel, case files on alien enemies of the Crown and descriptions of extraterrestrial technology collected over the years will uncover more about the world of Torchwood than ever previously known, including some of the biggest mysteries surrounding the Rift in space and time running through Cardiff.

Beautifully designed throughout with full-colour photos and original illustrations, The Torchwood Archives will be an essential guide for all Torchwood fans."

The Torchwood Archives is released into UK shops on October 2nd 2008 at the price of £14.99.

Thursday, 21 August 2008

Design A Monster Competition

Here at DWF there is some very exciting news! I have been inspired by Will and Seb (>Will and Seb's Blog<) and am planning to write my own fan fiction stories. The first thing I thought was, "what should the first monster be to appear in it?" and then it came to me.

I'm relying on you to create a monster good enough to open up the first fanfic series. Can you do it? The first series' companion will be Rose Tyler (just so you know) with the Ninth Doctor (I just think there aren't many stories for the 9th Doctor compared with the 10th).

The winner of this competition will have their monster appear in my Doctor Who fanfic! If you're up for a monster challenge to create your very own monster to appear in my fanfic series, simply draw the monster on a piece of A4 paper and scan onto your PC or draw on the PC with a description so I know what it can do and what it's about, then send you finished entry to:

I will announce as a post on this website when the competition closes.
P.S. Please enter!!!


Wednesday, 20 August 2008

New Christmas 2008 Page

I have created a new page for the upcoming Doctor Who Christmas Special 2008. The page includes a cast list, trailers, various information and spoilers are being added very VERY soon (tomorrow).
The page can also be reached quckly by clicking the christmas 08 image below the Cbox. Please take a look and make your comments, thanks.

See the page HERE.

Torchwood: Lost Souls CD Cover

The cover of the BBC Audio of the Torchwood play, Lost Souls, has been released. The play will air soon on BBC Radio 4 starring John Barrowman (Captain Jack Harkness), Eve Myles (gwen Cooper), Gareth David-Loyd (Ianto Jones) and Freema Agyeman (Martha Jones). The CD also includes a Torchwood: All Access Bonus Feature.

The CD will be released on September 11th 2008 for the price of £9.99.

SJA Series 2 Titles

The final block of Series 2 of Sarah Jane Adventures has finished filming and the series will air on CBBC in late September.

The 12 stories (6 two-partners) titles have been revealed in the 399th issue of Doctor Who Magazine (see previous article):
  • The Last Sontaran by Phil Ford
  • Day Of the Clown by Phil Ford
  • Secrets Of The Stars by Gareth Roberts
  • The Mark Of The Berserker by Joseph Lidster
  • The Temptation Of Sarah Jane Smith by Gareth Roberts
  • Enemy Of The Bane by Phil Ford

Sarah Jane Adventures Fansite >>>

Doctor Who Magazine #399

The cover of DWM #399 (see below) has been revealed! Yay! The main feature is an interview with Catherine Tate and also there's a competition to win DVDs.

DWM #399 is released tomorrow, that's Thurday 20th, for the price of £3.99.

Monday, 18 August 2008

Quiz Book 4

The cover for the Doctor Who Quiz Book 4 has been released. The quiz book, published by Penguin Books, contains 250 pages across 93 pages. It will be released on September 25th for the retail price of around £4.99.

Saturday, 16 August 2008

Calender 2009

The official cover for the 2009 Doctor Who Calender has been revealed. Each month in the calender is based on a different episode of series 4 (other than Forest of the Dead).

The calender will be released by Grange Communications Ltd on Octor 13th 2008 for £7.99. You can order the calender at HERE.

Thursday, 14 August 2008

New Primeval Fansite!

I have created a new fansite and this one is for Primeval, the big-hit dino ITV show. To go with that site is a website called Primeval Fansite TV, where you can watch every episode of Primeval to date and loads of behind-the-scenes action on the show.
Click the links below to go to either of the following...

Torchwood Mag Reveals Series 3 Title

Torchwood Magazine issue #8 has been released today and in it was the name of the Series Three five-part story. This could be a spoiler hazard so, to find out the title, highlight the text between the white lines:

5-part title: Children of Earth

Also in issue #8, an interview with the executive producer Julie Gardner, a Torchwood location guide, "a dynamite FX feature" and new exclusive fiction called 'Harm's Way'.

DWM Companion Special

Today the Doctor Who Magazine Companion Special is released and Tom Spilsbury, the editor, said this...

"DWM has been given exclusive access to all the scripts and shooting schedules to tell you what was shot when and where, what was left on the cutting-room floor and why, and even the truth behind a few of those rumours that hit the tabloids! Packed with anecdotes and comments from the men and women who make the programme, script extracts, deleted scenes, and a full list of cast, crew, transmission times and ratings, with hundreds of beautiful and previously unseen photographs, this is the ultimate guide to Doctor Who 2008."

Thursday, 7 August 2008

2|entertain Companion Quiz

Which companion are you most like? Well, 2entertain have released an online quiz so you can find out. The quiz is promoting the new 2entertain Series 4 Volume 3 DVD (you can order the DVD on Amazon HERE).


Sunday, 3 August 2008

Classic Who Figures Packaged!

Images of Wave 1 of the Classic Doctor Who action-figure range in their packaging have been released (click on image to enlarge). Wave 1 includes: the Fourth Doctor, Fifth Doctor, Sixth Doctor, SV7 Robot, D84 Robot, Zygon, Magnus Greel/Mr Sin double set and a Sea Devil. Each comes with a part of the K1 Robot, so there are 8 action-figure packs to collect until you have the entire robot.

The action-figures are due to be released mid-August 2008.

Sarah Jane Adventures Boxset

A new box set of the Sarah Jane Adventures is going to be released in North America on October 7th this year and in the UK on November 10th (click cover to enlarge). It will contain four discs, and will include the pilot Invasion of the Bane and the ten episodes of series one.
The special features include:
  • Interviews with Cast and Crew

  • Synopses for All Stories

  • Investigating Tools: A Gadget Glossary

  • Quiz, with Special Outtakes as Prizes

  • A Sarah Jane Smith Video Timeline

  • Behind-the-Scenes Footage

  • Character and Alien Profiles

  • Photo Galleries

  • UK BBC TV spots

  • Trailers
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