Friday, 28 November 2008

RadioTimes Cover and Preview

The cover of RadioTimes magazine for 6th-12th December features the two Doctors from 'The Next Doctor' and a fold-out of Miss Hartigan and Cybermen and a new design of Cyber Leader with a blacked out face, which you can see put together and apart below. Before the larger pictures of the individual sides of the cover, here is a preview of the featured article on 'The Next Doctor':

So this is Christmas. We’re at Cyber HQ in London 1851 - in reality a set at Cardiff’s Upper Boat studios in April 2008. This is Torchwood’s Hub cunningly redressed for this year’s Doctor Who Christmas special as a sort of huge Cyber-Victorian engine - all cogs, chains, furnaces, pipes and steam. Think steampunk. Or a huge version of the board game Mouse Trap.

Street urchins are shovelling coal into buckets, pouring oil into funnels and trudging up and down rickety wooden stairs. “No smiling, please,” says director Andy Goddard. “You’re not supposed to be enjoying this. It’s hard and tiring. It’s the worst Christmas you’ve ever had.”

At the time of giving the Christmas special its title, The Next Doctor, Davies knew the news of Tennant’s departure would have become public [Tennant announced in October that he’s leaving after filming four more specials next year]. “Hopefully, that creates a bit more intrigue,” says Davies, “and hints at interesting developments in the show’s future. Let’s just say that regeneration is a complicated process, and never as simple as it seems.”

“The Doctors become great friends,” he says. “In this episode the Doctor [Tennant] doesn’t have a companion, which is rare, and my Doctor fills that gap. But all those questions my Doctor wants to ask about himself and his past have to be put aside to save London from destruction.”

Tennant and Morrissey have also worked together before - in the 2004 BBC1 drama Blackpool. “What David’s done with the Doctor is so special,” says Morrissey. “He has moved it on - not just the character, but also how he’s taken on the role publicly. We were filming in Gloucester with 400 people watching.
When I got out of the car with David it was like being with a member of Take That! They were shouting, ‘We love you!’ and he was so warm-hearted towards them.”

Morrissey explains his approach to nailing his Doctor: “There has to be an inner truth for me, something at stake, and you have to play that
for real.” So did any former Doctors influence his performance? “When I look at Tom Baker and William Hartnell, there’s a truth to their performances; Patrick Troughton as well. They never saw it as a genre show or a children’s show.

What do you think of the article preview? Or even better, the RadioTimes cover?
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Torchwood Magazine #12

The official synopsis for Torchwood Magazine issue #12 has been released and can be seen below:

"Doctored Footage!
The Children Of Earth team has ventured outside Wales for the second time, producer Peter Bennett has told Torchwood magazine, heading to Bristol to use the set of another popular BBC show: ‘After getting some spectacular footage in London, we also spent a day on the Casualty set. We couldn’t be there for any longer than that, because Sunday is the only day its free!’

Save Captain Jack!
Torchwood magazine brings you festive Torchwood fun in the new issue, with a pull-put-and-keep board game that’s perfect for post-turkey merriment. Captain Jack is trapped in the hub – can you beat your friends and avoid the pterodactyl to save him? Plus, test your knowledge of all things Torchwood in our fiendish seasonal quiz. Take a look below for more on the new issue’s other features and interviews.

Torchwood fiction and comic strip
There’s something fishy going on at the Sunny Bay Caravan Park. Could the mysterious Mr. Glee have something to do with it? Find out in part two of David Llewellyn’s The Book of Jahi, with fantastic illustrations by Mike Dowling. Plus, it’s the calm before the storm in the penultimate chapter of the Rift War saga by Paul Grist.

Action Man: Euros Lyn
As principal photography wraps on Children Of Earth and post production gets under way, we talk to the man who’s been calling the shots on set every step of the way. After cutting his teeth on some memorable episodes of Doctor Who, series director Euros Lyn reveals all about getting to grips with Torchwood: ‘It’s such an amalgam of genres, with lots of kitchen-sink realism mixed with some really epic, saving the world heroics. It’s also got a lot of humour and some wonderful, touching moments of personal relationships. It’s the strangest show I’ve ever worked on, to be honest, in that it combines so many different qualities.’

Precious Metal: Caroline Chikezie
There have been few guest characters in Torchwood as memorable and iconic as Ianto’s part cyber-converted girlfriend Lisa – aka Cyberwoman. Actress Caroline Chikezie stepped into the killer heels of this plug-in baby, and in the latest issue of Torchwood magazine she tells us all about it: ‘I love the scenes where she lifts people up and throws them around, and I felt like a King King-style character doing that. I also loved all that menacing Cyberwoman dialogue, and that self-assured look as she kicked everybody’s ass. She was so badass, it was amazing!’

Episode Guide: 1.4 Cyberwoman
In the depths of the Hub, Ianto Jones hides a terrible secret. Wired up to a bizarre life-support system, his girlfriend Lisa Hallett exists in a part machine state: the result of an incomplete conversion into a Cyberman. Though Ianto hopes Lisa can hang on to her humanity long enough for him to find a cure, her nascent Cyber programming is beginning to take hold, putting the whole team in mortal danger… Revisit series one’s Cyberwoman in this issue’s comprehensive Episode Guide, with trivia, commentary, credits, the best lines and the best scenes!"

Torchwood Magazine issue #12 is released Thursday 4th December for £3.99.

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Thursday, 27 November 2008

'The Next Doctor' Promo Pictures

Three promotional pictures for 'The Next Doctor' have recently been released and you can see them below:
The 10th Doctor holding a fob watch of the other Doctor's. However, a close-up shot from Planet Gallifrey confirms that this is not a Timelord fob watch, as it has no symbols of any kind engraved on it.

This is Miss Hartigan, looking menecingly satisfied with herself, alongside a Cyberman. In 'The Next Doctor' she is an ally of, or helps, the Cybermen.

The Doctor in the snowy market scene we saw in the preview on Children In Need night.

What do you think of these images? Who is exactly is Miss Hartigan and why is she helping the Cybermen?
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Hamlet at the RSC

The Royal Shakespere Company have recently revealed that the skull, held by David Tennant in the, "Alas poor Yorick" scenes in their most recent Hamlet performance, is in fact real! The skull was donated by the pianist, Andrew Tchaikowsky, to the RSC apparently in order that he may fulfill his 'acting dream'.

Tchaikowsky wrote in his will, "My skull shall be offered by the institution receiving my body to the Royal Shakespeare Company for use in theatrical performance". However, nobody who has layed Hamlet with the RSC has felt comfortable acting in front of an audience with a real human skull until now. David Tennant is the first Hamlet actor to act with the skull on stage.

The play's director, Greg Doran, said that, ""It was sort of a little shock tactic. Though, of course, to some extent that wears off and it's just André, in his box". It is thought that the skull will continue in the performance when it moves to the West End in London on 9th December this year.

What do you think of this strange story?
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Wednesday, 26 November 2008

SJA Series 3 Confirmed

Just a quick post now to tell you the fantastic news that The Sarah Jane Adventures has finally been commissioned for third series by the BBC Press Office. They have also revealed that Anjli Mohindra (Rani), Daniel Anthony (Clyde) and Tommy Knight (Luke) will be staying on the show as well. What good news!

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'The Next Doctor' Synopsis

The BBC Press Office have released the official synopsis for this year's Christmas special, 'The Next Doctor'. Here it is:

"It's Christmas Eve in 1851 and Cybermen stalk the snow of Victorian London, in this special Christmas edition of Russell T Davies's Bafta Award-winning time-travelling drama.

When the Doctor arrives and starts to investigate a spate of mysterious deaths, he's surprised to meet another Doctor, and soon the two must combine forces to defeat the ruthless Miss Hartigan. But are two Doctors enough to stop the rise of the CyberKing?"

What do you think of this synopsis?
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DWF Advent Calender 2008

Yes, that's right, the Doctor Who Fansite Advent Calender 2008 has opened at long last! The advent is not hosted on Blogger, though, it is on Piczo because that way I can set it out exactly the way I planned. You'll surely know what I mean when you see it, and I'm very proud of it.

The 1st box (not so much a box, but a... oh, you'll see) obviously isn't open yet, as it isn't the 1st of December. However, there are only 6 days to go until it does. To go to DWF's Advent Calender 2008 follow the link below.


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Sunday, 23 November 2008

Survivors Tonight and Cast

BBC One's new drama Survivors is airing tonight at 9:00pm with some familiar faces. Survivors is a remake of the classic 1970s BBC series which was based on the novel by Terry Nation, who wrote the first ever Dalek and Davros stories of Doctor Who. The original TV series launched in April 1975 and ran for 38 episodes over three series.

Now re-created by Adrian Hodges (known for his writing for ITV's Primeval), a disease has almost killed every single person on the planet. A group of people still survive, but with no society, no police and no law and order, they now face terrible dangers - not just the daily struggle for food and water but also the deadly threat from other survivors.

Among the main cast are some familiar faces: Freema Agyeman (most known to Whovians as Martha Jones), Shaun Dingwall (played Rose Tyler's dad, Pete), Nikki Amuka-Bird (also known as Beth in Torchwood's episode 'Sleeper'), and Paterson Joseph (played Rodrick in 'Bad Wolf' and is also at the centre of a media storm being hotly tipped as the 11th Doctor).

The BBC Survivors website has recently opened as well, to visit follow the link below.
Official Survivors website >>>

Will you be watching it?
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Friday, 21 November 2008

Planet Files

Some time ago I started planning some more pages to add to DWF different to the latest news, and - yes, you guessed it - I have finally (after a lot of procrastination) started up the first one. It is - as you might have again guessed - called Planet Files!

Planet Files is basically a section of DWF where you can find absolutely loads of planets that have starred or been mentioned in Doctor Who, Sarah Jane Adventures and Torchwood.

I'm currently still constructing a few more pages on it, but hope you like it. Please, please follow the link below to go to Planet Files.


Wednesday, 19 November 2008

2009 Specials' Tidbits

I found some information recently, quite accidentle, concerning the much-awaited 2009 Specials of (what else) Doctor Who! It isn't much, but may be enough to 'keep us going'.

So, the first bit of info that I found was in Doctor Who Magazine #402 in Russell's regular feature Production Notes. He was talking merrily of his time at his book signing [The Writer's Tale, by RTD and Benjamin Cook], he said, "A signature under pressure becomes something very odd indeed. I find myself writing Result Davies. Peanut Davies. Runt Davros. One of them even looks like Pam Dance. Ben's is morphing into some weird alien pictogram (much like the ones that the Doctor will discover in 4.15, funnily enough)". Hooray for Mr Davies for giving us a little teaser to try and figure out! But it doesn't end there...

Also in Production Notes, Russel T reveals that, "pre-production on the Specials will begin Monday 24th November". Once again, that's not all...

Today I went onto a blog that has to be in my top 5 favourite blogs, Will and Seb's Blog, and discovered something very special. Apparently, a companion in one of the 2009 Specials will be called Christina! It is currently unknown as to who Christina may be played by, but Russell has said, "Watch out for Christina - sparks will fly". With thanks to Will and Seb for this, thanks guys! Make sure you visit their site for news and fan fiction HERE.

Hope you enjoyed these tidbits!
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Tuesday, 18 November 2008

'The Temptation of Sarah Jane' Part 2 Next Time Trailer

Here is the exciting new next time trailer for Part 2 of 'The Temptation of Sarah Jane', the penultimate story in Series 2 of The Sarah Jane Adventures:

'The Temptation of Sarah Jane' Part 2 is first aired 24th November on the CBBC channel at 5:15pm and is repeated on 1st December at 4:35pm on BBC1.

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Saturday, 15 November 2008

'Enemy of the Bane' Part 2 Synopsis

The official synopsis for the final installment of Sarah Jane Adventures series 2, 'Enemy of the Bane', has been released by the BBC Press Office:

"Mrs Wormwood and Kaagh reveal their true colours, in the concluding episode of this two-part adventure.

Sarah Jane and the gang, meanwhile, find themselves in a race against time when Luke is kidnapped and they discover they have a hidden enemy amongst them.

Only the Brigadier can save the day, before a final showdown at an ancient stone circle ensues."

Who else can't wait for the Brigadier to return?
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Friday, 14 November 2008

'The Next Doctor' Preview

Earlier tonight a special preview of the Doctor Who 2008 Christmas Special was shown on Children In Need. If you missed it here it is:


What do you think of this little teaser?
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'Enemy of the Bane' Part 1 Info and Synopsis *SPOILERS*

THIS POST CONTAINS SPOILERS! (you have been warned)
A few days ago the synopsis was released for Part 1 of the final story of Sarah Jane Adventures Series 2, 'Enemy of the Bane'. I realise this post is slightly late, as the synopsis was released a few days back, but I thought I should anyway because I have also found a few references in Doctor Who Magazine issue #402 about this story.

First, here is the all-important synopsis:
"Gita vanishes and Sarah Jane encounters an unwelcome face from the past - Mrs Wormwood - as the children's drama series, produced by Russell T Davies, continues.

Now hunted by the Bane, Mrs Wormwood needs Sarah Jane's help to foil their plan to take over the galaxy with an ancient alien power. And Sarah Jane also needs help - from the Brigadier."

Extra information this way....
In DWM #402, in Benjamin Cook's Who On Earth Are... with Anthony O'Donnell (Commander Kaagh) and Samantha Bond (Mrs Wormwood), it is revealed that Mrs Wormwood, "Comes back to save the world, which involves finding this powerful figure from 3,000 years ago, whose consciousness had to be separated. Mrs Wormwood believes that if she can find part of it, she can save the galaxy".
Also, Commander Kaagh is definitely returning (as appossed to it being a different sontaran) and definitely teams up with Mrs Wormwood.#

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Thursday, 13 November 2008

Adventures In Time and Space #4

I have finally finished editing together episode 4 (sorry for the long delay) of my action figure series, Adventures In Time And Space (or AiTaS for short). This is the 4th and final part of the first story, 'The Bat and the Wolf'.

I am currently about to begin filming Part 1 of the next story, which features the Doctor and Donna, and I'll do my best to post it as soon as possible. Sorry, again, for the long delay on the posting of this video.

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Hath Peck and Vashta Nerada Figures Packaged

Pictures of the Hath Peck and Vashta Nerada Suit Creature action figures in their packaging have been released (see below). The figures themselves are to be released some time later on this month as part of the Series 4 Wave 2 figures from Character Options. All of the new figures included in Wave 2 are Hath Peck, Vashta Nerada Suit Creature, Professor River Song, Timelord and a re-release of the grey Judoon Captain. Images courtesy of

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Tuesday, 11 November 2008

'The Temptation of Sarah Jane' Part 1 Trailer

Yesterday, when Part 2 of 'Mark of the Berserker' was shown on the CBBC channel, as usual there was a next time trailer for the next episode, in this case 'The Temptation of Sarah Jane' Part 1:

An old foe is back!

What do you think of this trailer?
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DWM #402

The cover for the latest issue of Doctor Who Magazine has been released (see below). Issue #402 includes:
  • Exclusive interview with Phil Collinson on his time producing Doctor Who
  • Free bonus Mini-Magazine!
  • An exclusive interview with Nicholas Courtney on his return role as the Brigadier in SJA
  • Comic Strip: the 3rd and final part of 'Thinktwice'
  • The Time Team take a look at the 7th Doctor story, 'Paradise Towers'
  • The Fact of Fiction casts its eye over the Brig's last story, 'Battlefield'
  • All the usual features: Gallifrey Guardian, Production Notes, You Are Not Alone, reviews, previews, Win Doctor Who Goodies, and much more!

Doctor Who Magazine #402 is available at WHSmith and other magazine stockists Thursday 13th November for £3.99.

What do you think of the cover? Will you be getting it?
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Friday, 7 November 2008

10,000 HITS

After hosting Doctor Who Fansite on Blogger for 5 months, my hit counter has finally reached 10,000 hits (and the hit counter was only started 3 months ago)!

So I would like to thank everyone who regularly visits, or even if you've only visited a few times. You have helped me keep this site going, so thank you!

I started Doctor Who Fansite way back on 4th January 2006 on another website host Piczo. I eventually gave up on that site and moved to Freewebs, but that was only 16th April 2008. However, I soon found out about another website hoster called Blogger, which I found to be more efficent to what I wanted to do with my site. So once again I left that site and set DWF up on Blogger and here I still am! I'm not moving on this time, though.

To see the other two previous websites, you can follow the links below:
Piczo (first DWF host) >>>
Freewebs (second DWF host) >>>

Once again, thanks to everyone who visits this site!
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Doctor Who Series 4 Soundtrack

Beware, this is not news. I'm just posting this to tell those of you who like the Doctor Who soundtracks, or are thinking of getting the new official Series 4 soundtrack, that I have found all the tracks from it on YouTube.

So if you want a preview of any of the tracks or just want to listen to some Doctor Who music, you can look through the playlist player below or follow the link to the playlist page.

Playlist page >>>

Playlist and videos courtesy of DTWmusic08.

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Thursday, 6 November 2008

Seris 2 Guide - Doctor Who Website Update

The BBC Doctor Who official website has been updated. The makers of the site have added a new Series 2 section, like they did last month with Series 3.

The new section includes:
  • All videos in high quality Flash format
  • Brand new Fact Files
  • Screensavers
  • Graphics Artwork
  • Much more!

The article by the BBC Doctor Who site team is as follows:
"As part of our ongoing plans to migrate our New Series content to the new page designs, we are updating Series Two this morning.

In addition to the existing content, with all the video now in high quality Flash format, we have added brand new Fact Files, Screensavers and artwork from the Graphics team.

Please don't be alarmed if the site behaves a little unusually this morning (especially if you have been temporarily redirected to this news story), as there is an enormous amount of content to upload!"

Visit the official Doctor Who site >>>

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David Morrisey Interview

What's On Stage have recently interviewed David Morrisey - one of the stars of this year's Christmas Special 'The Next Doctor and someone hotly tipped as the 11th Doctor - about his most recent stage play, In a Dark Dark House.

However, there was one question in the interview which us Whovians will be delighted to get as many bits of info on 'The Next Doctor' as possible.

You’re in the Doctor Who Christmas special. What can we expect?
"Well, it was Kylie last year and me this year! I play a character called The Doctor – a man who believes himself to be a Time Lord. It was great to be on board, because I’m a huge fan of the programme and of David Tennant. As for any talk of me taking over as the next Doctor, well, if or when they do choose someone, they would have to totally different to David, which I am!"

I notice that Morrisey said that his character is called The Doctor (exciting), but that his character "thinks he is a Time Lord". Doesn't sound as if he actually is one then?
Read the full interview about In a Dark Dark House, on the What On Stage website, here.

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SJA - 'The Temptation of Sarah Jane' Part 2 Synopsis

The BBC Press Office have released the official synopsis of the 1st part of the 5th Sarah Jane Adventures series 2 story, 'The Temptation of Sarah Jane'. This synopsis contains spoilers, so if you don't want to know about what happens or the villains involves do not read it. You have been warned!

"Clyde and Rani, trapped in a devastated alternative world with the survivors of mankind, make a desperate bargain with The Graske, in the concluding part of this two-episode adventure.

Then Rani travels to 1951 to help Sarah Jane, who has been reunited with her long-lost parents. Sarah Jane needs to defeat the Trickster - but will the price she has to pay be too high?

Part 2 of 'The Temptation of Sarah Jane Smith' is first broadcast at 5.15pm on 24th November on the CBBC channel and is repeated on 1st December at 4.35pm on BBC One.

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Wednesday, 5 November 2008

SJA - 'Mark of the Berserker' Part 2 Trailer

Some of you may have already seen this "Next Time" trailer, so here is is:

The "Next time" trailer for Part 1 of 'The Temptation of Sarah Jane' will be posted as soon as it is available.

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Tuesday, 4 November 2008

SJA - 'Mark of the Berserker' Part 1 Trailer

I know this is a bit late, but here is the Next time trailer for Part 1 of 'Mark of the Berserker':

The "Next time" trailer for Part 2 will be posted soon.

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Saturday, 1 November 2008

SJA - 'The Temptation of Sarah Jane' Synopsis

The BBC Press Office have released the official synopsis of the 1st part of the 5th Sarah Jane Adventures series 2 story, 'The Temptation of Sarah Jane':

"Sarah Jane and the gang embark on another exciting new adventure this week as the children's drama series, produced by Russell T Davies, continues.

When Sarah Jane returns a boy who has slipped through a time fissure back to 1951, she realises she has found a way to meet the parents she never knew. But is it a trap? Sarah Jane and Luke fall victim to a revenge plot by The Trickster."

Part 1 of 'The Temptation of Sarah Jane Smith' is first broadcast at 5.15pm on 17th November on the CBBC channel and is repeated on 24th November at 4.35pm on BBC One.
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