Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Children of Earth Cardiff DVD Signing

A week ago (17th July) the three main Torchwood cast members, John Barrowman, Eve Myles and Gareth David-Lloyd, attended a massive Torchwood: Children of Earth DVD signing in Cardiff. First, they made touchdown in a helicopter in the middle of Roald Dahl Plass - after coming from a DVD signing in London - to the screams of excitement from tons of Torchwood fans surrounding the area.

John Barrowman said, “Cardiff is such an important part of Torchwood. I'm thrilled to be signing here." He added, “Arriving in a helicopter is not only really cool, it's also the only way to travel because someone's stolen the Torchwood vehicle.”

After a while, the team said goodbye to the bay and headed off to a Cardiff HMV store in Queen Street, South Glamorgan for even more signings. Sounds like an exciting day!

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