Friday, 24 July 2009

Save Ianto Jones

The "Save Ianto Jones" campaign, to bring the Torchwood character back, is gaining more and more attention. Even the BBC News website are reporting on it now! BBC News have said, "Ianto Jones was killed by alien baddies the four-five-six in the third series, Children of Earth, screened this month. But Ianto fans are refusing to accept his demise and have created a website calling for his return."

The Save Ianto Jones website is calling upon fans to object to his demise in many different ways. People aren't just sending letters of complaint to the BBC, they're even sending packets of coffee "as certain ‘gifts’ in what is being known by the Torchwood and Ianto Jones fans as ‘The Great Coffee Protest’." Petitions, Live Journel groups, Facebook groups and Twitter accounts are being set up to protest about the death of the character. Fans are also sending postcards to the BBC in objection, giving out and sending posters, creating videos for YouTube.

However the biggest thing about this website has to be the main way they are protesting. Fans can donate money to Children in Need (despite this not really having anything to do with the character of Ianto). This donation process to "donate to Children in Need, in honour of Ianto Jones" has got quite a following. As I write this the campaign has raised a total of £2750.83 for Children in Need, and that can't be bad!

Are you going to donate? What do you think about this campaign?
Please comment.


  1. My partner and I have sent several coffee packets, with more to come, sent complaints via the BBC website, and have taken flyers to our local SF convention this past weekend. We've donated to the 'Children In Need' fund, and we aren't stopping until Ianto is returned.

  2. Thanks for this cute article! It's such a sweet campaign!
    I think this campaign is giving voice to a lot of people disappointed with the death of Ianto in Torchwood, that actually is the death of Torchwood too. Not just because he was one of the most loved character (or the most, as it looks like from the internet!) but because the whole mini series just went to Hell once for good with Jack and Ianto going to face the 456 without a plan just to kill Ianto off... We have a lot of plot holes and OOCness in the first 3 episodes as well but I think the real assassination of TW happens there and goes on till the end of the series... so... a big red Reset button would be much appreciated from the fans of the show as well as from the fans of Ianto Jones!!! xD

  3. Thank you for the article. I am part of the save ianto campaign and it is nice to see that someone is listening to us.
    Ianto Jones is the favourite character of a large number of fans that have supported Torchwood for the past few years and to take him from us has pushed most of us too far and endangered the future of the show. We got the message that Torchwood was a dangerous place to work with the deaths of Owen and Tosh we didn't need any more deaths especially only 3 and a bit episodes later to get that point across.
    Torchwood is a Sci Fi show, anyone can be brought back to life and whether it is through a reset, the rift or anything else we want Ianto back. We do not want another series of Torchwood unless Ianto is in it! Kaz

  4. I've sent a few letters and am planning to do more.
    It's not only Ianto that we fans are trying to save but Torchwood itself oh and definitely Jack :P Without Ianto there is no torchwood and seriously after all the shit Jack's gone through he deserves at least a little happiness. Hopefully they bring him back, don't give up people!

  5. Ianto is so amazing, that he has to come back. If he doesn't the world would end. Plus, Gwen is still alive and she will RUIN Torchwood but with Ianto there it will be all sunshine and rainbows (well as much as Torchwood can get without exploding). So Ianto needs to come back for the love of all good coffee!

  6. Ianto isn't returning to Torchwood on TV again, but we can all look forward to him in the upcoming BBC Radio 4 audio dramas! :D


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