Tuesday, 27 April 2010

'Amy's Choice' Synopsis

The BBC Press Office have released the official synopsis for the seventh episode of Series 5 'Amy's Choice'.

“It's been five years since Amy Pond last travelled with the Doctor, and when he lands in her garden again, on the eve of the birth of her first child, she finds herself facing a heartbreaking choice – one that will change her life for ever.”

'Amy's Choice' is broadcast in the UK on Saturday May 15th at 6:30PM on BBC One.

> BBC Press Office

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Friday, 23 April 2010

'Vampires In Venice' Official Synopsis

The BBC Press Office have released the official synopsis for the sixth episode of Series 5 'Vampires In Venice'.

“Dessicated corpses, terror in the canal and a visit to the sinister House of Calvierri – the Doctor takes Amy and Rory for a romantic mini-break, as the Tardis touches down once again. But 17th-century Venice is not as it should be. The city has been sealed to protect it from the Plague, although Rosanna Calvierri may have other plans...”

'Vampires In Venice' is broadcast in the UK on BBC One and BBC HD on Saturday 8th May.

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Monday, 19 April 2010

Eleventh Doctor & Jo Grant Join SJA!

The BBC have officially announced that Matt Smith's Eleventh Doctor and popular classic series Third Doctor companion Jo Grant, played by Katy Manning, will both be joining Elizabeth Sladen as Sarah Jane Smith and the teenage gang in one of the 6 2-part stories in Series 4 of The Sarah Jane Adventures.
Click image to enlarge.

The official BBC Press Office press release is as follows:
Elisabeth Sladen, who plays Sarah Jane comments: "It's a fantastic script and I can't wait to work with another Doctor and hope Matt has fun with us. I've known Katy for ages and I am delighted to be working with her. I last met her in LA but this time we will be in Cardiff. LA was good but Cardiff is better."

Katy Manning, who recently returned to live in the UK again, adds: "Playing Jo Grant again is something I never really considered. I was gob-smacked when they told me and I am over the moon. What an incredible little treat. I come home and this is one of the first things that happens."

Executive producer Nikki Wilson says: "We are absolutely thrilled to be introducing Sarah Jane and the gang to both The Eleventh Doctor and Jo Grant, and to have a script penned by Russell T Davies is the icing on the cake!

"Viewers are in for a real treat, with an action-packed story full of Russell's usual wit and warmth, which takes the gang inside a secret base beneath Snowdon and introduces brand-new vulture aliens, the mysterious Shansheeth. All this, plus a trip to an alien planet – a first for The Sarah Jane Adventures."

Featuring the usual mixture of thrills, laughs and scares, the fourth series promises fun with enemies old and new, including the terrors of the Nightmare Man and a dangerous journey back into history.

A galaxy of guest stars are lined up to appear in the series and include Laila Rouass (Primeval, Footballers Wives) and Cheryl Campbell (Pennies From Heaven), whilst David Bradley (Argus Filch in Harry Potter) will provide the voice of the Shansheeth.

The Sarah Jane Adventures is executive produced by Nikki Wilson and Russell T Davies and produced by Brian Minchin.

Writers on the fourth series include Phil Ford (also co-producer), Joseph Lidster, Rupert Laight, Gareth Roberts and Clayton Hickman. The Sarah Jane Adventures is a BBC Cymru Wales/Children's BBC production.

> BBC Press Office
> BBC Sarah Jane Adventures official website

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Saturday, 17 April 2010

The Adventure Games Trailer

The first trailer for the exciting Doctor Who: The Adventure Games interactive episodes was aired today in the UK straight after 'Victory Of The Daleks'. The first episode game's release date was confirmed int he trailer as June 5th 2010, and it also confirmed that in the first game players will be able to battle against the new-look Daleks!

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'The Time Of Angels' Next Time Trailer

With 'Victory Of The Daleks' having now been broadcast we now have our very first trailer of the Weeping Angels and River Song return 2-part story, 'The Time Of Angels', and it certainly looks more than just interesting.

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Friday, 16 April 2010

'Flesh And Stone' Synopsis

The BBC Press Office have released the official synopsis for the fifth episode of Series 5 'Flesh And Stone'...

“There’s no way back, no way up and no way out. Trapped among an army of Weeping Angels, the Doctor and his friends must try to escape through the wreckage of a crashed space liner, in the fifth epsiode of Doctor Who, written by Steven Moffat. Meanwhile, in the forest vault, the Doctor’s companion, Amy Pond, finds herself facing an even more deadly attack.”

> BBC Press Office

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'Victory Of The Daleks' Trailer & Clips

Throughout the week the Beeb have been showing the TV trailer for 'Victory Of The Daleks', the third episode in Series 5's 13-episode run; due to broadcast tomorrow in the UK, they have also released some video clips of the Daleks' first 1-part episode since 2005's 'Dalek'.

BBC One Trailer:

Clip #1:

Clip #2:

Clip #3:

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Monday, 12 April 2010

RadioTimes Cover & NEW Dalek Look!

The RadioTimes have unveiled their cover for the following week of April 17th-23rd. The UK television guides magazine has three exclusive cover photos each featuring the new-look Daleks (for Series 5's 'Victory Of The Daleks') and echoing the same words from their award-winning 2005 Dalek cover: "VOTE DALEK!" Similarly with their 2005 cover, RadioTimes have the Daleks in front of the Houses Of Parliament on Westminster Bridge, though this time during the Second World War.

Click the covers to enlarge...

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Sunday, 11 April 2010

'The Time Of Angels' Synopsis

The BBC Press Office have now released the official synopsis for the upcoming fourth episode of Series 5 - 'The Time Of Angels' - featuring the exciting return of both the Weeping Angels and River Song (as played by Alex Kingston).

"Don't blink – the Weeping Angels return in the fourth episode of Doctor Who, which is written by Steven Moffat. The Doctor, played by Matt Smith, is recruited by Father Octavian to track the last of the Angels through the terrifying Maze Of The Dead. Meanwhile, the mysterious River Song re-enters the Doctor's life – but can he trust her?

Father Octavian is played by Iain Glen and River Song by Alex Kingston. The Doctor's companion, Amy Pond, is played by Karen Gillan."

'The Time Of Angels' is set to air in the UK on BBC One on April 24th.

> BBC Press Office

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Saturday, 10 April 2010

'Victory Of The Daleks' Next Time Trailer

The first trailer for 'Victory Of The Daleks', the third episode in Series 5, was shown earlier today after 'The Beast Below'...

> 'Victory of The Daleks' Synopsis

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Thursday, 8 April 2010

The Adventure Games & Pictures

The BBC have finally unveiled details on four brand new interactive games, all starring Matt Smith and Karen Gillan as The Doctor and Amy. The four interactive games are being described as four extra episodes to Series 5.

On of the three Executive Producers, Piers Wenger says: “There aren’t 13 episodes of Doctor Who this year, there are 17!” Excluding the Christmas special, obviously. The Doctor and Amy will encounter some of Doctor Who's most iconic and memorable aliens and villains in Doctor Who: The Adventure Games. The games are also being described as proper, bona-fide 2-hour episodes which are even being written by two Doctor Who and Torchwood writers, Phil Ford and James Moran.

Players will have to just download the interactive episodes for free from the official BBC website to take control of The Doctor and Amy and their adventures.

Steven Moffat certainly sounds confident about this new foray into gaming: “Children don’t just watch Doctor Who – they join in. They make up games, invent their monsters, create their own stories,” says the the Head Writer and Exec Producer. “Now, there’s something else – now they can be the Doctor in brand new episodes. Doctor Who: The Adventure Games will offer fans a unique opportunity to enter his world, face his challenges and grapple with his deadliest foes. By developing these games alongside the new TV series, we’ve been able to weave exciting narrative strands with the very finest game design to create a new kind of Doctor Who, which can be enjoyed by the whole family.”

Piers Wenger continued, “Everything you see and experience within the game is part of the Doctor Who universe, we’ll be taking you to places you’ve only ever dreamed about seeing, including locations impossible to create on television.”

Simon Nelson, Head of BBC Multiplatform in Vision, continues: “A few years ago we couldn’t have dreamt of commissioning such an innovative form of drama. By integrating the creation of these ‘interactive episodes’ with the development of the TV series, we’ve been able to create amazing two-hour dramas in which you control the action. We’ve all imagined what it would be like to come face-to-face with some of the universe’s most terrifying monsters; now viewers can find out for themselves. Establishing new forms of drama is exactly what the BBC should be doing. By aiming these ‘interactive episodes’ at the broad audience of TV show – unique in British television, in that it encompasses at least three generations – we’re aiming to encourage the family to gather round the PC or Mac in the same way they do the television. Driving computer literacy is a keystone of the BBC’s public service remit and we expect Doctor Who: The Adventure Games to be hugely popular.

“Only the BBC could produce such an innovative slice of new drama. We’re offering two-hour original Doctor Who episodes to production standards on a par with the TV series, working with the very best creatives within the UK. We’re hugely proud of Doctor Who: The Adventure Games, which will establish new standards in interactive drama and allow families the country over to enjoy Doctor Who stories in unique and innovative ways.”

The titles for the four interactive episodes have not yet been revealed, but the title of the first is expected to be announced at a press conference for the game on April 21st.

The four interactive Doctor Who: The Adventure Games episodes will be available to download for free some time in June 2010 from the BBC Doctor Who official website and will be compatible for both PC and Mac.

> BBC Doctor Who official website

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Tuesday, 6 April 2010

'The Beast Below' Trailer

The Beeb are now playing a trailer for 'The Beast Below' - episode 2 of Series 5 - between programmes and this is it...

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New Full Series Trailer

This post may be a little late, but as you must know after 'The Eleventh Hour' a brand new coming soon trailer was shown for the next 12 episodes of Series 5. the 2-minute-length trailer boasts, among heaps of other exciting prospects, more glimpses of the return of River Song in 'The Time Of Angels', a whole array of guest-stars (such as Meera Syal, Sophie Okonedo, James Corden, and Bill Nighy) and the return of the Silurians and even the [highlight the following text to read...] Cybus Cybermen (at least one damaged and three intact).

Series 5 continues with 'The Beast Below' next Saturday 6:15PM on BBC One.

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Monday, 5 April 2010

Series 6 and Christmas Special 2010

At the very first premier press screening of 'The Eleventh Hour', Piers Wenger, one of the three Executive Producers, confirmed that the BBC have now officially commissioned a Series 6 (or Season 32) for 2011 and a 2010 Christmas special.

Series 6 - as usual with 13 episodes - will begin filming later, in early July this year.

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'Victory Of The Daleks' Synopsis

The BBC Press Office have confirmed the official synopsis of Episode 3 of Series 5, 'Victory Of The Daleks'.

"The Doctor has been summoned by an old friend, but in the Cabinet War Rooms far below the streets of blitz-torn London, it's his oldest enemy he finds waiting for him, as the time-travelling adventures continue. The Daleks are back – but can Winston Churchill be in league with them?

The Doctor is played by Matt Smith and Amy Pond by Karen Gillan.

Doctor Who is simulcast on the BBC HD channel – the BBC's High Definition channel, available through Freesat, Sky and Virgin Media."

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