Tuesday, 21 July 2009

"Best of the best!"

Just 6 days after recieving an award for 'Best Banner' I've got another! Wow!
This most recent award, as you can probably tell from this post banner, is the'Sylariffic Site of 2009' from Sylar, who runs Ultimate Doctor Who! Who even dubbed Doctor Who Fansite as "The best of the best"!
Sylar said:
"To me, this is more of an achievement than an award. Sylariffic Site of 2009 means your site is even better than the best, it's just too good to even win a normal award, so here you go Thedoctorwho07, you're Sylariffic Site of The Year! Congratulations!"

So a HUGE thank you to Sylar for this phenomenal award! It really means a lot to have my site recognised in such a way!

Thank you!

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