Saturday, 1 January 2011

‘Time Crash’ Novelisation – OUT NOW

The v3.14-TimeCrash_coverery first Doctor Who new series novelisation from the Doctor Who Novelisations project headed by myself (James – owner of Doctor Who Fansite), Emma (Tardis Console News), and PCJ (Doctor Who Media). The first novelisation, written by Eternal Dalek, is OUT NOW and is available on mine and Emma’s sites, as well as Alwyn’s over at Nebula One News!

At the moment it is only available as a short PDF (bearing in mind how short this special is) but we are hoping to expand on this in future with even more ways of reading them.

> Download PDF

We hope you enjoy it and feel free to give us plenty of feedback to improve the future novelisations we are going to be releasing!#

Please comment.


  1. I cannot download the PDF

  2. This link does not work which is a shame as work like this should be encouraged. So hopefully this link can be fixed quickly so many more people can support a project like this.

    I dont know if the BBC are ok with this project but it would be nice to see them supporting this instead of trying to stop this attempt to please people who miss these types of books from their childhood.

  3. I'd just like to say, I'm really happy with the number of downloads. It's great to hear that lots of people are enjoying my work. Hopefully the success continues for the rest of the series.

  4. I posted the comment below on lifetheuniverseandcombom, but should've posted here first:

    Just an FYI: The barcode that's on the back "cover" is actually for the book: 'Sting Of The Zygons' by Stephen Cole. If anyone is interested I can make custom barcodes for these types of things & encode them with whatever info you need.

    6 JANUARY 2011 04:18


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