Monday, 26 March 2012

Series Seven - Trailer #1


The official BBC website have released the official video of the very first Series Seven trailer. The trailer premiered on the cinematic big screen the weekend just gone, during the official Doctor Who Convention in the Millennium Centre, Cardiff.

The trailer consists of much footage from the third episode – a wild-west written by Toby Whithouse and rumoured to be titled ‘The Gunslingers’ – as well as a fair amount of exciting shots from other adventures too…

A worldwide video will be available later.

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

New Companion Announced Tomorrow


Fairly self-explanatory, really. The BBC have announced, only today, that tomorrow will see the much-anticipated announcement of the Eleventh Doctor’s new companion!

Meanwhile, the Daily Mirror TV editor also claims, “A BBC source has confirmed to me they will unveil new Doctor Who assistant tomorrow. She is ‘pretty’ but ‘not household name’.”

As per usual regarding new companions, many actresses have been rumoured for the role, but seemingly none more so than one Sophia Myles (former seen playing Madame De Pompadour in Steven Moffat’s ‘The Girl In the Fireplace’). However, so far there is yet to be any real near-solid or what could be considered close to evidence for this – the rumours appeared to have arisen after The Moff urged his Twitter followers to follow Miss Myles and added, “I’ll explain later”.

I for one have not seen any other name other than Sophia Myles’ put forward more regularly, by both fans and tabloids, which must mean it’s somebody completely different, right? That’s usually the drill.

Either way, watch this space tomorrow for the exciting announcement!

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Sherlock Series 3 filming star date


Sherlock’s executive producer Beryl Vertue – as well as mother of producer Sue Vertue – has confirmed that the third series of the world-acclaimed (and super-bloody-brilliant) sleuth drama will begin filming in early 2013.

When speaking at the Nations and Regions Media conference in Salford today, Vertue added, however, that it is far too early at the moment to confirm any of the Series Three broadcast dates.

The confirmation follows recent news from Steven Moffat, who claimed “consulting criminal” Jim Moriarty will not return to the series after his vengeful suicide at the end of Series Two’s ‘The Reichenbach Fall’.

Rejoice, fellow Sherlockians and ‘SHER-locked’ folk, across the globe!

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Friday, 9 March 2012

Fan Art Friday – ‘The Gunslingers’

One of my own pieces of digital art this Friday!
A digital mock-up of Doctor Eleven riding a stallion of the wild wild west. I did this in about 10-20 minutes after seeing the filming pictures of Doctor Who series 7 in Spain as they film the spaghetti-western third episode, rumoured to be called 'The Gunslingers'.
DWF – "Series 7 filming: The Wild Wild West"
DWF – "Series 7 filming: The Big-Bad of the West!"
The Gunslingers
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Hope you likey!

Thursday, 8 March 2012

Series 7 filming: The Big-Bad of the West!

Contains (minor) spoilers…!

Following today’s earlier set of filming photos involving the Eleventh Doctor Matt Smith riding a horse and uncovering a mystery object, we now have several more pictures likely to be separate scenes’ filming, one of which looks like it could be a villain of the episode (below – top, left).

The episode currently being filmed is Series 7 Episode 3 ‘The Gunslingers’, written by Toby Whithouse. This episode will mark his fourth episode writing for Doctor Who.

A cowboy villain? What's the greenscreen for...?Arthur Darvill and Karen Gillan chat on set, as Karen sees the photographer...!A western-dressed cast member walks to set (middle). Do you recognise him?

Series 7 is due to broadcast Autumn 2012.

Series 7 filming: The Wild Wild West

Contains (minor) spoilers…!

As reported previously on DWF, the seventh series of Doctor Who since 2005 will boast the first cowboy-genre episode since 1966’s ‘The Gunfighters’ and the location filming is underway now, with the first set of filming photos released today.

The episode, rumoured to be called ‘The Gunslingers’ (like a possible sequel to the 1966 serial?), is currently filming the Wild West-set locations shooting in Spain, where many western cowboy films have also been shot. It has been confirmed in the latest Doctor Who Magazine #445 that it is the third episode of the series and has been written by Toby Whithouse (creator/writer of Being Human, and writer of Doctor Who ‘School Reunion’, ‘Vampires In Venice’ & ‘The God Complex’).

Today’s Spain filming involved only Matt Smith and a horse, reunited with a trusty Stetson. The Eleventh Doctor appeared to be unveiling something curiously large and boulder size in the *western* desert (see below), but why would anyone cover a boulder? So what could it be…?

Series 7 is due to begin broadcast Autumn 2012.

Barrowman lands lead role in US Pilot


Following the recent news that Freema Agyeman will star in a US pilot of a Sex And The City prequel, it has now been announced that John Barrowman (Captain Jack Harkness of Doctor Who and Torchwood) has been cast in the lead role of a new US drama pilot.

Barrowman will fill the role of Julius Ashford Lily in the ABC pilot Gilded Lilys, a new period-set drama. His character is “the charming son of the central family in the show, which tells the story of the opening of the first ever luxury hotel in New York City.”

The creator of Gilded Lilys, Shonda Rhimes (best known as the creator of Grey’s Anatomy), who will also act as executive producer alongside her Shondaland partner Betsy Beers, while one of the contributing writers is believed to be KJ Steinberg (writer of US show Gossip Girl).

Other actors confirmed to be co-starring alongside John Barrowman in the ABC pilot include: Blythe Danner (Paul, Meets the Parents, Nurse Jackie) and Sarah Bolger (The Tudors, The Spiderwick Chronicles), as well as Brian O’Byrne, Matt Lauria, Matt Long, Brigid Brannagh, Maury Sterling and Madeline Zima.

Gilded Lilys begins filming soon and will broadcast later this year.

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Joe Gilgun on ‘Misfits’ Series Four

articleimageTV_030Contains Misfits Series 3 spoilers! Ye be warned…

Actor Joseph Gilgun, who plays Rudy in the awesome E4 series Misfits, has confirmed that he will return for the programme’s fourth series.

Misfits was re-commissioned for another set of episodes, following it’s continued success with Series Three, which saw the sad yet epic conclusion to the story of Simon and Alisha in the final episode of the third run.

Gilgun said of the fourth series: "I'm really looking forward to it, and I'm also mildly terrified of it, 'cause there's a lot of work involved, but it's such a good laugh when you're doing it," he continued, "I'm looking forward to [the next series] 'cause there's going to be some new characters and I think that's a really good thing," said Gilgun. "[It'll give the show] a fresh outlook."

Misfits returns in Autumn 2012, with three new regular characters.

Doctor Who Magazine #445 Cover

articleimageTV_016The cover of the new issue #445 of Doctor Who Magazine has been released, only moments ago! This issue is continuing the recent theme - what with ‘New Who’ off our screen for a while - of a classic cover, featuring the indomitable Dorothy “Ace” McShane herself Sophie Aldred.

Issue 445 features a very special exclusive interview with Sophie Aldred as she recalls her time on Doctor Who and time after.

Click to enlarge....

The Seventh Doctor and Ace – one of the best Doctor-companion pairings in Doctor Who’s long history! Never leave home without that handy bit of Nitro-9…

Doctor Who Magazine #445 is published in the UK on Thursday 8 March priced £4.50 in WHSmith and selected Tesco and Asda stores.

Monday, 5 March 2012

Freema Agyeman in ‘Sex And The City’ Prequel

The Tenth Doctor’s companions are doing well since they departed the TARDIS, with Catherine Tate flying across the pond for a regular main role in The Office USA and Billie Piper starring in three series of The Secret Diary of a Call Girl.

Now Freema Agyeman, otherwise known as Martha Jones in Doctor Who’s 2007 series, has been cast in an upcoming pilot for a Sex And The City prequel series in the US. Agyeman will star in the pilot episode as Larissa, a hip and cutting-edge editor-come-party girl who works at Interview Magazine and is the mentor of Sex In The City’s Carrie.
Deadline reports: “Brendan Dooling has been cast in the CW pilot Carrie Diaries. The project, based on Candace Bushnell’s novel, chronicles Carrie Bradshaw’s (Anna Sophia Robb) coming of age in the 1980s when she asks her first questions about love, sex, friendship and family while exploring the worlds of high school and Manhattan. Dooling will play Carrie’s best guy friend who is most likely gay but doesn’t know it yet as it isn’t an easy thing to come to terms with in the mid-1980s. Also cast in the pilot is Freema Agyeman as Larissa, Carrie’s mentor, a hip, cutting-edge editor/party girl who works at Interview magazine.”
Production on The Carrie Diaries will begin very soon, though it is so far unclear when the pilot will broadcast.

Friday, 2 March 2012

Steven Moffat: “Moriarty will not return”


No apologies for any Sherlock Series 2 spoilers. If you haven't seen it, where the bloody hell were you? *Barrowman fist shake*

Steven “The Moff” Moffat has made another sensible comment to a journalist (bloody outrageous, eh?) The current overlord of Doctor Who and co-creator of Sherlock claimed in an interview with the Radio Times that Sherlock Holmes’ notorious arch nemesis Jim Moriarty (Andrew Scott) will not return to the series to once more rival the deer-stalker-wearing boffin-investigator. Although, to be fair, the ol’ Irish-brogued villain did shoot himself in the chin, so fair-dos

"We need to find new villains, we need to find new ideas, otherwise the show doesn't keep growing.” Moffat continued: "Moriarty's a one-shot deal in the original [books]. I don't want [Sherlock] to turn into a show that's about one villain and one hero. Moriarty was great because he was a surprise. Every time you bring him back he won't be as big a surprise."

"We have to keep the show growing otherwise it won't surprise you," he suggested. "Once you get the measure of it you'll just get critical - if we keep surprising you and keeping you off balance, you won't."

Series Three of Sherlock was commissioned simultaneously with the second run, and was confirmed the day following the broadcast of ‘The Reichenbach Fall’.

What with Benedict Cumberbatch off shooting the latest Star Trek film and charming fangirls left, right and centre, and Martin Freeman enjoying time as a jolly Hobbit (on and off set of The Hobbit), Sherlock producer and wife of The Moff Sue Vertue has said Sherlock is unlikely to return before 2013. Don’t boo. You know the wait will be worth it…

Thursday, 1 March 2012

Being Human 'Hold the Front Page' Ten Teasers


Digital Spy have revealed this week’s ten teasers for the upcoming episode of the fourth series of Being Human, ‘Hold the Front Page’. The episode sees the return of Adam (Craig Roberts), the middle-aged *teenage* vampire who made his debut in Series Three, but he hasn’t come to Honolulu Heights alone…

“Teenage vampire Adam and his schoolmistress lover cause havoc for our heroes when they turn up at Honolulu Heights on the run from the press.”

1. "I've licked every inch of that real estate."
2. Hal sings. No, really - Molony belts out a 1966 Motown hit.
3. "He's way too much of a kn*b for that."
4. Annie 'swaddles' again, but this time, it's not with baby Eve.
5. "Colour me impressed - it's like meeting the Queen."
6. We hear about another incident from Hal's horrific past.
7. "I know what it's like to unleash the beast."
8. Brad Pitt gets a mention. As does former athlete Kriss Akabusi.
9. "How do you entertain a blob?"
10. The world of Being Human expands again, and there's hints of more to come...

Being Human ‘Hold the Front Page’ airs next Sunday in the UK on BBC Three at 9PM.

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