Friday, 24 July 2009

Third Doctor Action Figure Sets

Promotional photos and statements have been released in the announcement of 2 eagerly awaited action figure sets, both exclusive to Forbidden Planet in the UK and Ireland.

One set includes the Third Doctor, wearing a "blue jacket and high boots", and a Silver Dalek. The other set includes the Third Doctor with a variation on the other set's costume and a removeable cloak and a Sea Devil (already available as single-carded). Click images to enlarge...

Third Doctor & Silver Dalek - Exclusive Set 1
"This set features an exclusive action figure of the dynamic 3rd Doctor as played by Jon Pertwee with Blue jacket and high boots. It also features a splendid looking Dalek resplendent in Silver and black livery and sporting a machine gun. The Doctor comes with his trusty Sonic Screwdriver."

"The Doctor and Sarah Jane arrive on the planet Exxilon, where all electrical energy is drained off by an unknown force. The Doctor meets a Marine Space Corps expedition from Earth, stranded by the energy drain, who tell him that a plague is sweeping the galaxy and that the antidote, parrinium, can be found only on Exxilon. Sarah meanwhile discovers a magnificent white edifice with a flashing beacon on top, but is captured by a group of savage Exxilons to be sacrificed for defiling their city."

"The Doctor and the humans enter into an uneasy alliance with a group of Daleks who also land on the planet and whose weapons are also drained of energy. Rescuing Sarah, the Doctor and Marines escape into the tunnels around the city with Bellal, an enlightened native, as the Daleks reinforcements arrive, blazing machine guns in place of their energy weapons."

Third Doctor & Sea Devil - Exclusive Set 2
"This set features an exclusive action figure of the dynamic 3rd Doctor as played by Jon Pertwee with a magnificent Sea Devil figure with brand new and updated decoration. The Doctors cloak is removable and he comes with his trusty Sonic Screwdriver."

"The Doctor and Jo visit the Master in his high-security prison on an island off the south coast of England and hear from the governor, Colonel Trenchard, that ships have been mysteriously disappearing at sea. Investigating, the Doctor learns from the Naval base commander that the sinkings are centred around an abandoned sea fort. Visiting the fort, the Doctor and Jo are attacked by a “Sea Devil” - an amphibious breed of the prehistoric creatures or “Silurians” encountered by the Doctor not long before."

"The Master is secretly building a machine to wake the Sea Devils from their hibernation, so that they can reclaim Earth from the human population. The Doctor tries to broker peace between them and humankind, but is captured by the Master. As the time approaches, the Doctor’s only hope to save the human race lies in sabotaging the device and entombing the Sea Devils."

These figure sets are available from October 30th 2009 for £24.99 to residents in the UK and Ireland.

Will you be getting these figures? What do you make of them?
Please comment.


  1. I've bought the sea devil set as that's the one with the iconic 3rd Doctor figure. I'd much rather have the dalek though, and can see me buying the other set in the future.

    These sets are hellishly over-priced.

  2. I agree with you, Rad. I would like to get either of these sets but they're way too over priced! lol


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