Sunday, 3 July 2011

Torchwood: Miracle Day – Ten Teasers

Online television news and spoiler source Digital Spy have released their own set of ten tantalising teasers for the upcoming series of Torchwood: Miracle Day in this run-up period to its premiere on American cable network Starz six days before the UK’s BBC One broadcast.

1. There's a cheeky reference to a deceased former Torchwood member (and no, it's not Ianto).
2. The chief villains from Torchwood: Children of Earth also get a mention, in a roundabout sort of way.
3. "The Founding Fathers had me in mind when they wrote the Constitution, don't you think?"
4. At one point, Rex makes a less than graceful escape.
5. "She should have run faster."
6. A certain drug familiar to Torchwood fans is utilised once again.
7. "First sign of trouble, you go running off with Captain Jack B*llocks."
8. Wales is the British equivalent of New Jersey.
9. "I've got to *** for this ******?!"
10. After lurking in the shadows for a while, Captain Jack makes a suitably heroic return.

Torchwood: Miracle Day premieres (local time zones)…
  • Starz (USA) – Friday 8th July - 9PM/8c
  • Space (Canada) – Friday 8th July
  • UKTV (Australia) - Saturday 9th July - 8:30PM
  • BBC One (UK) – Thursday 14th July - 9PM
What do you think? Have you got any theories about what the teasers could mean?
Please comment.


  1. 8. Wales is the British equivalent of New Jersey.
    Clearly youve never been to wales you prick!

  2. It may not have occurred to you, Anonymous, (despite me actually saying it in the post) but these 10 teasers were NOT written by me, they're from Digital Spy. Imbecile. Take it up with them if you have a problem.

    And, yes, I have been to Wales five times and have enjoyed it every time. Use your brain before posting comments like that - it makes you look like a complete idiot.


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