Monday, 20 July 2009

New New Doctor. New New Pairing.

Yes, the title is in homage to the 10th Doctor's line, "New new Doctor"! lol
A brand new photo, which sees both Karen Gillan and Matt Smith on set in their costumes for their first day filming on Doctor Who Series 5 as Amy Pond and the Eleventh Doctor. Presumabley this means that the photo was taken today! Click the image to enlarge...Don't they look like a great pairing? However, my first thought was that the Doctor's outfit looks more like a museum tour guide, but then again I really didn't like the Ninth or Tenth Doctor's costumes at first either and now I love them! Also, I trust the great new production team to make it fantastic!

What were your first thought?
Please comment.


  1. Matt's suit looks bloody awful and looks more like Tin Tin than a doctor and Karen looks good

  2. i realy dont like his outfit to me it doesnt suit the character in my opinion as the doctor is supposed to be a freelancer this says more museum guide than free lancer! i liked both david and chris's outfits the moment i saw them this one struck a weird "OMG" feeling "i cant believe hes wearing that!"


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