Sunday, 25 July 2010

Third Doctor Sonic Screwdriver

Images have emerged of a prototype at this month's San Diego Comic Con 2010 of Jon Pertwee's Third Doctor Sonic Screwdriver toy in final colour paint and full packaging. It also includes two electronic sounds, a full description of the Third Doctor on the packaging, and a lenticular card of Jon Pertwee's Doctor as well.

Click to enlarge.

UPDATE: The Third Doctor's Sonic Screwdriver will be available some time in September for around £10.

What do you think of this prototype? Would you buy this if it's released?
Please comment.


  1. YES! YES!!!

    This is perfect, my 11th Doctor Sonic just broke, but this will make the best replacement ever. DO WANT.

  2. Absolutely. Will help frame any current sonic nicely. future sonic screwdriver one side, a past one the other.

  3. forbidden planet want GBP 19.99 for it!!

  4. i have already got the following screwdrivers
    2nd 4th, 9th ,10th ,11th ,sonic pen, future sonic screwdriver and the masters

  5. To the 4th Anon, I have all those too! Apart from the 2nd and 4th Doctors' sonic though, as those have never been made into toys, so I'm not sure how you can have them. But whatever.

  6. @thedoctorwho07 lol i used Valuemed Metal Examination Pen Light for 2nd and the pewter sonic screwdriver for the 4th
    u can get them on amazon if you like

    type this in your url

  8. i am so sick of people saying the 9th and 10th doctors sonic is the same its not.
    the ninth doctors has a well orange handle
    and the tenths doctors is white
    i dont mean to complain but....


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