Sunday, 4 May 2008

SJA 'Prisoner of the Judoon' Trailer Screenshots

As you probably by now, a brand new trailer for Series 3 which consists of exciting clips from the first story 'Prisoner of the Judoon'. So I decided to get screenshots of every one of the clips, all 45 of which you can see below...

Rani, Clyde and Luke watch as Sarah Jane drives away in her car.

"13 Bannerman Road is where Sarah Jane Smith lives!"

Sarah Jane Smith!

The reptilian alien called Androvax, from the species Veil.

"This cannot be good." Rani says, as the Judoon Captain aims his gun.

A spaceship atop a modern building - presumably Androvax's.

Sarah Jane and Luke enter the spaceship.

Luke: "Take your spaceship and give me my mum back!"

Sarah Jane inside the Androvax spaceship.

Androvax merges with Sarah Jane, possessing her.

Clyde runs to help...

...But something very odd happens!

Looks like Rani's parents, Gita and Haresh, discover what Rani really does in her spare time.

The spark from a Judoon or Androvax laser gun?

Meteroite? Doesn't look to serious, though, as SJ looks pretty calm.

K-9's back! Hooray!

A Judoon fires a laser towards the gang, narrowly missing.

The gang watch a Judoon from behind a wall (the same scene as this image).

Fire extinguishes at the ready!

Wonder what's happening here... whatever it is SJ is something to do with it, her car's there.

The Judoon Captain fires his laser gun.

Judoon in the attic! Maybe the gang have teamed up with them?

Judoon teleport in. It looks a bit like the Shadow Proclamation... but isn't.

Gita looks shocked.

"Do you know what you're doing?" Clyde says frantically.

Looks like Mr Smith just announced a big revelation.

"This is a story you will not want to miss!" Gita says. We can also see a van for her flower shop Bloomin' Lovely which appeared in the finale of Series 2.

"Just watch!" Luke says to Androvax.

The [presumed] Androvax spaceship takes off into the sky.

The gang back together in the attic!

What are your thoughts on any of these screenshots?
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'The End Of Time' Next Time - 45 Screenshots

'The End Of Time' trailer aired directly after 'The Waters Of Mars', as we all know.
Here are 5 of the 45 screenshots...

Looks like either John Simm's Master or Timothy Dalton as The Narrator.

What's The Doctor just seen?

The Elder Ood

Naismith, who has brought out a new book.

A quarry?

The Doctor tells Wilf: "I was told, 'He will knock four times'"

Donna's back! Hooray!

Big explosion!

The Doctor sees something shocking!

Lucy Saxon is back, played again by Alexandra Moen.

Blue light... but who's that person in black behind him?

Wilf, and it looks like he's in the same candle-lit place as the Elder Ood. Does he travel somewhere in the TARDIS?

...and again, looks like the same place where the elder Ood is.

The Master!

"I'm going to die."

Does Donna remember The Doctor?

Ood eyes!

Shock! Horror!

Something's in the sky!

Looks like it could be The Master.

"My name... is The Master!"

Cool laser! Big explosion! But why isn't The Doctor bothered?


Dun. Dun. DUUUUUN!!

Cannot wait!

What do you think of the trailer and screenshots?
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