Sunday, 19 July 2009

Series 5 Companion Name

The Scottish companion for Series 5 of Doctor Who in 2010, played by Karen Gillan, is going to be called Amy! The news comes from the Daily Mirror 'newspaper', not usually reliable but this time it's also been reported in other red-top papers.

This news finally blasts the rumours out of the water that even speculated on whether Karen would be playing a younger Donna Noble (yes, seriously). Nicola Methven, reporting for The Daily Mirror, also says: "she'll have a Scottish accent". She's Scottish, what are they expecting?

Methven also says how, "there'll be some hot chemistry between them, just as there was with Rose and David's Doctor" despite the fact that nothing other than this companion's name and actress playing her has been confirmed.

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What do you think about this? Were you part of the crowd who somehow thought it was a younger Donna?
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