Thursday, 2 June 2011

Sarah Jane Adventures – Series 5 Episode Titles

The latest Doctor Who Magazine – issue 435, available from today – has apparently announced the titles of the three episodes that feature in Series 5 of The Sarah Jane Adventures, though none of these are officially confirmed as of yet (hence the "TBC" - To Be Confirmed signifier) and may change. The series had been cut short in its filming and production as a whole, due to the tragic death of beloved star of the CBBC series and classic Who companion Elisabeth Sladen, for whom the following three 2-parter stories are being broadcast in commemoration to.

  • 5.1-2: Sky (TBC) – by Phil Ford
  • 5.3-4: The Curse of Clyde Langer (TBC) – by Phil Ford
  • 5.5-6: The Man Who Wasn't There (TBC) – by Gareth Roberts

The BBC have confirmed that no further episodes of The Sarah Jane Adventures will be produced.
> Sarah Jane Adventures Will Not Return

Doctor Who Magazine issue 435 is out now and is available in WHSmith, selected Tesco & Asda stores in the UK and any good newsagent for £4.50.

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  1. I wonder how you manage to write and express so well. The transparency I get in your writing has made me a regular visitor to your blog.

  2. @Kris Vallotton
    Thanks a lot, I appreciate your kind words! :D


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