Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Sky Ray Space Raider 1967 Commercial



The only way to find out? Buy the *brand new* Sky ray Space Raider ice lollies (or “popsicles” if you’re that way inclined)! First all you must do is travel back to the quaint ye ol’ days of 1967 and snatch one from the nearest freezer cabinet.

This is a British TV commercial for the (yep, you guessed it) Sky Ray Space Raider ice lollies, broadcast in 1967, in which you get a *free* Doctor Who art card

Also worth noting: the amusing fellow wearing Patrick Troughton’s costume. Imposter!

Sky Ray Space Raiders - Doctor Who - British Adverts Commercials (1967) TDA Archive

And they’re still around today! *huzzah* Although more commonly known now as Rocket Lollies. Do like a little bit of Doctor Who-related archive footage!

Many thanks to the Tim Disney Archive for providing this 1967 commercial video.

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