Thursday, 5 May 2011

Moffat wants Captain Jack Back

Steven “The Moff” Moffat has spoken out recently in response to a question during an interview with The Gothamist and said how he would like Captain Jack Harkness, who’s first appearance was in a Moffat-written story, to come back to meet Matt Smith’s Doctor.

When asked about whether he would use any characters from the Russell T Davies era of Doctor Who from 2005-2010, he replied: "There's no rule against that. People talk as if somewhere there's been some schism." Then went on to say, "I mean, Jack - who I wrote in the show - I'd love to have him back. I was thinking he should really be here recently but he's busy Torchwood.”

Moffat continued, "And I mean there are references to Davies's characters - we just had a reference to Rose, in fact. In my head there is a continuing story. There's no idea that we're abandoning anything. There is an element that The Doctor moves on from people in a rather scary but inevitable way. He won't be nearby forever."

And I have to say, I’d love to see Captain Jack Harkness in Doctor Who one again, and especially alongside Matt Smith’s Eleventh Doctor and being written by Steven Moffat again for the first time since ‘The Empry Child’/’the Doctor Dances’.

Elsewhere on our screens, Captain Jack will make his epic come-back to our screens in Torchwood: Miracle Day, after the show’s two-year hiatus, as a co-production between BBC Wales, BBC Worldwide and Starz Entertainment.
Torchwood: Miracle Day is set for its TV premiere on 8th July 2011.

What do you think? Do you want Captain jack to return to Who?
Please comment.


  1. Yes,I love Jack he rocks! Please Steven Moffat send him back to Doctor Who!

  2. Please for the love of all the is decent, let Captain Jack have at least a 2 parter with the 11th Doctor!!!

  3. I can only concur with the 3 other commenters - everyone loves Jack!


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