Tuesday, 10 May 2011

‘The Hand Of Fear’ Part 3 & 4 – TONIGHT

Just a quick notification post here to remind you that on UK television tonight, as a fitting tribute to the late Elisabeth Sladen, BBC Four are broadcasting her final four-part Doctor Who story as a regular TARDIS-travelling companion, titled ‘The Hand Of Fear’ first shown on BBC1. Tonight, BBC Four are airing Part Three and Part Four of the 1976 story.

NOTE: if you missed Part One and Part Two last night on BBC Four, you can catch up by following the link at the top of this page.

‘The Hand Of Fear’ – Part Three
The fossilised hand has regenerated into a Kastrian called Eldrad who appears to be female, having modelled his form on Sarah Jane. He persuades the Doctor to take him back to Kastria, so that he might reclaim his heritage. When they arrive, they find Kastria dead. Its king has destroyed the race banks should Eldrad return. Eldrad is pierced by a spear when entering an elevator.

‘The Hand Of Fear’ – Part Four
Eldrad reconfigures his body to its final, male form. Furious with finding his world dead, he states that he will return to Earth to rule it. The Doctor and Sarah Jane trip up Eldrad with the Doctor's scarf and he falls into a chasm and dies. Back in the TARDIS, the Doctor receives a telepathic message from the Gallifrey and leaves Sarah Jane on Earth after a hasty, unexpected goodbye.


The Doctor     –     Tom Baker
Sarah Jane     –     Elisabeth Sladen
Eldrad     –     Judith Paris
Kastrian Eldrad     –     Stephen Thorne
_____________ CREW:

Written by     –     Bob Baker & Dave Martin
Producer     –     Philip Hinchcliffe
Director     –     Lennie Mayne

Doctor Who ‘The Hand Of Fear’ Parts 3 & 4 double-bill will be broadcast tonight on BBC Four starting at 7:40PM.

What do you think? Are you going to watch this? What are your thoughts of this story?
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