Monday, 9 May 2011

A Little Time Lord Theory – ‘The Doctor’s Wife’

My theories in this post are not confirmed but may turn out to be true, so don’t read on if you’re spoiler-phobic!

A few months ago, when asked about his (then untitled) episode of Doctor Who for Series 6, ‘The Doctor’s Wife’, Neil Gaiman gave the intriguing tease that it will feature “something or someone not seen since ‘The War Games’”. What if this returning “something” or “someone” is the Time Lord Communication Box, which coincidentally has not made an appearance in the show since 1969’s ‘The War Games’?

A clip issued by the BBC, featuring The Doctor apparently receiving mail via a tap on the TARDIS doors features a little cube-shaped object certainly not dissimilar to the Time Lord Communication Box.
Look at this comparison of what each Doctor is holding…

6.4_pic04  6.4_pic04.5-TheWarGames

The Doctor also says rather excitedly in the trailer for The Doctor’s Wife, “There’s a living Time Lord still out there!” He says this while holding the glowing cube in question, so I think it’s a fair assumption to make that he has come to this conclusion after seeing the box or maybe listening to its message?

I’m guessing this also means that Idris (played by Suranne Jones) in ‘the Doctor’s Wife’ is also a Time Lord – we have already been told that when we meet her she is insane (biting!!), which could have been caused by something in the Time War that she fled from or was possibly even sent crazy by the sight of the Untempered Schism, like The Master?

We just don’t know….
But, my god, I can’t wait to find out!

Doctor Who ‘The Doctor’s Wife’ airs this Saturday 14th May on BBC One/HD at 6:30PM and BBC America at 9PM.

What do you think of this theory? Agree? Disagree?
Please comment.

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