Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Madame Vastra returns in Gatiss episode

articleimageTV_053On-set reporter and photographer Ryan Farrell has confirmed many fans’ hopes that samurai-sword-wielding Silurian ally to The Doctor – Madame Vastra – will return to our screens in the second episode of Series 7 to be written by Mark Gatiss.

Last night, Farrell tweeted: “For people who are asking, Madame Vastra is back as well, but she wasn't [on set] today.”

The episode – title rumoured as ‘The Crimson Horror’ – is set in a small village in Yorkshire, during the Industrial Age of Queen Victoria’s reign; the home-time of Vastra and her lover/fighter Jenny.

‘The Crimson Horror’ (title subject to change) also stars mother and daughter actresses Dame Diana Rigg (as Mrs Gillyflower – above, right) and Rachael Stirling, as well as Catrin Stewart as Jenny (above, left).

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With thanks to Ryan Farrell.

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