Monday, 11 January 2010

Russell Tovey To Join Torchwood?

Look away right now if you have NOT seen 'The End Of Time - Part 2'! There. Done. You can't say I didn't warn you.
Anyway, in the latest Doctor Who Magazine (issue #417) John Barrowman hinted that Russell Tovey as Alonso Frame may be in line to join the Torchwood team for the show's fourth series. He said, in a joint interview with Tovey, "What I'd love, what I think would be great, is if Midshipman Frame became Jack's companion in Torchwood. He's the perfect companion for Jack."

Fans who have already seen 'The End Of Time - Part 2' will already know that a scene involving both Captain Jack Harkness and Midshipman Alonso Frame (set on the planet "Zaggit Zaggo", according to RTD) also strongly suggested that the character - originally from 'The Voyage Of The Damned' episode - would become something more than just another cameo appearance. Also, those of you who have read The Writer's Tale book by Russell T Davies and Benjamin Cook will know that Tovey, in the words of John Barrowman, "had a big effect" on Russell T and considering the filming months of Being Human (which Tovey is a lead star of) and Torchwood, it is certainly possible.

Though whether it is true, we'll have to wait for some sort of announcement from the BBC.

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Do you think Alonso Frame will join Torchwood? Do you think he should?
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  1. Russell Tovey is awesome! I don't want him to replace ianto though.

  2. Lizabeth S. TuckerTuesday, January 12, 2010

    I like Russell a lot, don't get me wrong. But to replace Ianto? That would've had to be more carefully developed than what was shown on "The End of Time".

    In my opinion, Ianto was great because he could handle Jack even at his wildest. He understood exactly what Jack was and accepted him for his actions, even if the others didn't. Plus he had the balls to pull Jack back from any stupid actions he might contemplate.

    I don't see Alonso as being able to do that.

  3. I like Russell, he's a great actor but for Torchwood, I just can't see it working out. I think personally Ianto was such a great character and it is going to really hard to find someone to fill his boots. Of course, they wouldn't need to if they would just revive him! :(

  4. I love Russell Tovey and I'm sure he'd be great on Torchwood, but I'm still hoping they'll find a way to bring back Ianto. This IS science fiction after all! I think Lizabeth is right, Jack needs someone who can handle him, and that person is IANTO!

  5. Russell could actually be the next Doctor in Dr Who as statistically one in every ten men is gay and we are up to the 11th Doctor right now! Then we can have Jack Harkness and the Dr having some great exchanges.

    Tom in Oz

  6. Russell Tovey is hot and he doesn't need John Barrowman as a love interest!


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