Sunday, 29 May 2011

A Little Sontaran Theory - 'A Good Man Goes To War'

There are no definite spoilers in my following blabbery-gasm of theories because I know NOTHING about the actual plotting in ‘A Good Man Goes To War’, but if you’re avoiding any spoilers at all you may want to wait until after you’ve seen episode 7 just in case something in the following text is correct…

So, the big “game-changing” cliffhanger to the end of ‘The Almost People’ was not, as many people thought, a reveal of the Sontarans having a connection to the Flesh. Instead, we got the very definitely game-changing twist that since some part of the first episode Amy Pond has been a Flesh copy and the the real Amy is 9 months into pregnancy, going into labour and trapped in God-knows-where, joined by a gloriously creepy Madame Kovarian watching on with glee.

I’m still holding out hope, however, that the idea I heard that the events of ‘The Rebel Flesh’ and ‘The Almost People’ is actually the origins of how the Sontarans – being a clone race born of a strange type of goo similar to the Flesh – first came about, a little like the ‘Genesis of the Daleks’ and ‘The Tenth Planet’ show the origins of the Daleks and Cybermen respectively.

My thought, under the hypothetical idea that the ‘Gangers’ two-parter is the origins of the Sontarans, is that it could be quite plausible that the Sontaran race are made up of the same matter (albeit most likely evolved further) as the Flesh. After all, the gangers did show a distinctly higher level of aggressive and battle-hungry behaviour than their human counterparts, especially the ganger version of Jenny – a classic trait of the Sontarans.

Hypothetically, again, assuming for the sake of this argument that this idea is true, it could lend itself as evidence that Sontarans are the culprits for the creation of the cloned ganger Amy that is revealed at the end of ‘The Almost People’. Actually, I suppose whether the Sontarans are Flesh matter or not this could indeed be the case. However, this may be a crazy idea, but I have a feeling the (now confirmed by the BBC) return of the Sontarans, alongside Cybermen and Silurians, is part of the grand plan of the Alliance of enemies in the climax of ‘The Pandorica Opens’.

See, you thought it was strange how they only appeared for a short amount of time didn’t you? The Nestene contributed their particular talents by creating the Auton Roman Centurion version of Rory and landing at Amy’s house to absorb memories from. I think the ganger version of Amy could very well have been the Sontarans’ contribution to the Alliance’s plan.

Hope that wasn’t too rambling and I hope it was all understandable!

What do you think of my theories?

Doctor Who ‘A Good Man Goes To War’ is broadcast on BBC One (UK) this Saturday 4th May at 6:45PM.

What do you think of my ideas here? Do you agree or disagree?
I’d love to know what you think! Please comment.

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