Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Karen Gillan: "It's a damn good exit!"

The actress brought to fame for her portrayal of Amy Pond has given an exclusive interview to IGN about her current work recently, including talk about her (then) upcoming TV film 'biopic' We'll Take Manhattan.

But, for us Who fans, the more interesting topic of conversation came when the interviewer moved to the subject of Karen's involvement in Doctor Who Series 7 in 2012. As we all know, word on the next 2012 series is tight-lipped, but Karen Gillan has given us some interesting titbits nonetheless.

A photo of Karen Gillan. Just because. When asked of the number of episodes in which she would feature, Karen said: "I'm not allowed to say. But I know they're going to be so damn good. It's so exciting." She added, "I think [the episodes are] the best ever. I can't say anything, but - oh God - I'm dying to say something!"

Are there certain things you'd like to see happen, as far as closure for her?
"I want to see her go with everything that she wants, because initially, when we met her, she was just seeking what she wants, you know what I mean? And she was kind of in this lost, transitional period, where she didn't have a stable life. So I just want to see her get what she wants."

We've seen some Doctor Who companions in the past leave and then make guest appearances. Would you be up for that if the door was open?
"I really, really want to have a final exit and then be able to look back on that as a final exit. I don't know... I just don't want to take away from that exit by making cameos in the future. I'd quite like it to be final and for people just to remember it fondly." Karen then added, "I don't even know what I'm hoping for. I just know that whatever I hope for, I read it and it's always better!"

What's it like for you to begin preparing for your time on the show to come to a close?
"It's so weird. It's just so weird. I was 21 when I started this job and I didn't really know what I was getting into. And then it just went crazy. It was this whirlwind. I'm coming out of the other end of it and I feel like a different person almost."

"And I just had the best time of my entire life doing this job. Honestly, I've got to say that. So obviously I'm going to be sad to be going and I'm going to be leaving my best mates behind. But you know, all things come to a natural end and that's what the show's about: Change. And you just kind of have to embrace it and go with it."

Doctor Who Series 7 is due to broadcast this Autumn, and began filming yesterday morning.

> Series 7 Location Filming - 20th Feb 2011

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