Monday, 20 February 2012

Mark Williams in Series 7 - First Day Filming

articleimageTV_019Filming has begun on the seventh series of Doctor Who since 2005, or technically the 33rd series, and the cast and crew are arriving on set for the first day of filming on Block One of filming.

As usual with the first days of location filming, there are already onlookers on the scene (photos of filming will be posted today as we get them & with a spoiler warning, of course). We're already receiving news from devoted eyewitnesses  - in this case photographer Ryan Farrell, who earlier tweeted his sighting of actor Mark Williams arriving on set (pictured above).

Williams is known to many as one half of the "Suites you, sir!" tailor pairing in The Fast Show, though very probably known better to most kids as Ron's father Arthur Weasley in the Harry Potter films. He has recently starred in the current fourth series of Being Human, as the comic vampire Regus.

Ryan FarrellRyan Farrell @ryanfarrr
"Mark Williams (Arthur Weasley) is on set. No sign of Matt, Karen or Arthur yet. #dwsr"

More Series 7 filming news as we get it...!

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