Monday, 20 February 2012

Series 7 Location Filming - 20th Feb 2012


As you probably know, Block One of Doctor Who Series Seven filming commenced today, beginning with a shoot on Church Road in Penarth.

As DWF reported earlier, while the cast were arriving on location, on set was Mark Williams (Arthur Weasley in Harry Potter). Maybe he was the "exciting" casting news that Matt Smith commented on a few days ago?

Matt said, when asked about casting for Series 7: “The casting is going very well. I got a lovely bit of news this morning about someone who’s going to be in it. I couldn’t possibly tell you but it’s exciting. You’ll know him… Or her.”

Filming began with all interior scenes inside a house on Church Road in Penarth, Cardiff. Interior filming included Mark Williams, Karen Gillan, and Arthur Darvill as the scene's only cast members.
By this time, filming at this location had concluded and the cast and crew were beginning to leave.

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Arthur Darvill arriving on location.Karen Gillan leaving the house.Arthur Darvill leaving the location. 

Images courtesy of Ryan Farrall.

Additional information:

  • The DOP (Director of Photography) for Block One is Stephan Pehrsson).
  • As can be seen from the clapperboard, the scenes shot are set very early in the episode, Scene 2-5 to be precise (source).
  • Karen Gillan played the piano through filming, which is included in the scene, according to the house resident (source).
  • It has been rumoured that Mark Williams may indeed be playing Rory's dad, though this is entirely speculation. He was wearing a costume not dissimilar to Rory's regular Series 5 outfit, though (thanks to a photo tweeted by Grace Jenkins, one of the house residents). I must say I hope it's true, myself.

DWF will be reporting on all the latest Series 7 news as it comes...

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