Friday, 10 February 2012

Fan Art Friday – ‘Mad, Impossible, etc’

A piece of artwork that I saw and loved instantly, by “KittehShmoo” on, entitled ‘Mad, Impossible, etc’.

Based on Amy Pond’s chilling experience in the star liner Byzantium’s forest in ‘Flesh and Stone’, I found the conveyance of emotion in the face and body language brilliant – you really feel Amy’s nerves mounting in the terrifying circumstances (surrounded by weeping angels, who could blame her?)
Also, the style of drawing I think really reflects Series Five’s fairytale-like quality. I could easily see this picture in a children’s storybook. Utterly brilliant.

In the artist’s words…
“I love Amy Pond, ok.
Rewatching the fifth series. . . ugh. I just love everyone. And I love this episode. August 27th, please be here soon.”

> See “KittehShmoo”’s whole gallery of artwork

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