Sunday, 5 February 2012

Being Human ‘Eve of the War’ – Ten Teasers

With one hour to go until the debut episode of Being Human Series 4 broadcasts on BBC Three, let’s have a peek at ten teasers for ‘Eve of the War’ provided by Digital Spy

1. Expect a very dark episode, but with a refreshing strain of humour throughout. 
2. "There's nothing nice in this house anymore…" 
3. Nina's fate is revealed within the first five minutes. 
4. We also learn what happened to powerful 'Old One' vampire Wyndham (Lee Ingleby). 
5. There's references to both Superman and Batman. 
6. "With you like this, they've already won." 
7. Annie invents a brilliant new word. 
8. "They put up quite a fight, but we slit their throats and stamped on their bones all the same." 
9. We find out what happens to old Werewolves. 
10. If you're not in tears by the final scenes, you have a heart of stone!

Recent Being Human news:

Being Human – Series 4 Episode 1: ‘Eve of the War’ airs in the United Kingdom TONIGHT on BBC Three at 9PM.

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