Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Daniel Radcliffe on Yates’ Doctor Who Movie

Daniel Radcliffe, famed for his role as Harry Potter in the eponymously-named film series, has responded to the ‘rumours’ a while back of his involvement in the rumoured Doctor Who film.

On the current press junket to promote his new film and literary-adaption The Woman In Black, Radcliffe commented: "Matt Smith plays Doctor Who and does a wonderful job. They don't need me!" and added, “I would never presume to jump into somebody else's franchise, not at all.”

Although the 22-year-old actor continued, saying how he believes his former-director, Yates, will “do a wonderful job” and, “I'm sure whoever he casts will have a very good time with him.”

The so-far ambiguous Doctor Who film news (arguably more than just a rumour but less than a certainty) was brought to light by David Yates (director of the latter four Harry Potter films) late last year, from which much speculation spread. Yates said some kind of “reboot” would have to be done for the translation to the big screen, though these claims have been since denied by Steven ‘The Moff’ Moffat since.

The Woman In Black is out now in the US and Canada and is released in cinemas across the UK on Friday 10th February 2012.

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