Thursday, 21 July 2011

Christopher Eccleston Victim of Phone Hacking

Christopher Eccleston told audiences yesterday, while speaking to aspiring actors at the Theatre Royal Haymarket in London during an acting master class he was holding, that he has been a victim of the News Of The World news_of_the_worldphone-hacking scandal that is currently gripping the UK media’s press and the nation, which two week ago today led the 168-year-old newspaper to end indefinitely.

Eccleston – known to many as the Ninth Doctor in Series One of Doctor Who in 2005 – said that the Metropolitan Police had confirmed to him yesterday that in 2005, during his tenure in the lead role of the series, his own telephone had been hacked by News Of The World journalists.

Eccleston is pursuing legal action again News International, the parent company of News Of The World, owned by billionaire tycoon Rupert Murdoch (who also owns The Sun and The Times newspapers in the UK, as well as 24-hour news channel Sky News).

We will report on this more as further details emerge.
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