Sunday, 17 April 2011

John Simm to Return?

One of Doctor Who’s trio of executive producers and its head writer Steven Moffat has teased that John Simm may reprise his role in the show as the sixth incarnation of The Master, having previously appeared in Series 3’s three-parter finale and the 2009 specials finale and swansong of the Tenth Doctor ‘The End Of Time’.

At the screening of the opening two-parter story of Series 6 in New York recently, Moffat said:
"After [Simm’s last appearance] he'd been saying, 'I think now that David [Tennant]'s left as the Doctor, I would have to leave the Master'. But he pulled me aside and said, 'I didn't mean that! Look at me, I'm fit, I'm okay!'"

Moffat also laughed off the rife rumours that Benedict Cumberbatch, star of Moffat and Mark Gatiss’ Sherlock, would be cast as The Master, saying, “Benedict has to wait probably.”

So, would you want John Simm’s Master back?
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  1. Yes, absolutely. John Simm played a blinder as the Master and I would love to see him and Matt Smith bring a new dynamic to the 'Emnity of Ages'. I'm sure Steven Moffatt will come up with a great storyline for him. Because lets face it, a guy like the Master is not going to go quietly once he's trapped back in the Time War, is he? He'll find a way out, possibly now drum-less and more dangerous than ever. Can't wait!!

  2. His incarnation was ruined by RTD's insistence on making him a disco-dancing pantomime villain. Best start afresh with a new actor - preferably Patrick Stewart.

  3. For those, who liked Mister Simm as is the option of a little petition...


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