Monday, 25 April 2011

Support Elisabeth Sladen Stamp Tribute Campaign

A Facebook group has been recently set up as a campaign to get Elisabeth Sladen, called Elisabeth Sladen - Commemorative First Day Stamp Cover Tribute, put on a Royal Mail stamp as a commemorative tribute to the wonderful woman who filled the brilliant role of Sarah Jane Smith for over 30 years. Here is the information the founder of the group has given…

ElisabethSladen 01We have a group on Facebook, which we're desperately trying to get support for. We're trying to push forward the idea of the Stamp Centre in London, to do a commemorative First Day Stamp Cover as a tribute to Elisabeth Sladen in recognition of her many contributions to the world of Doctor Who.

I emailed the Stamp Centre prior to creating the Facebook group, and I finally heard back from them today. This was their response.

"Thanks for suggestion we were thinking of doing something for Nick but maybe we will do something for both of them. Steven [Moffat?] will talk to Tom Baker about doing a tribute cover."

I feel if we can get enough support for this group, we can forward the link to the Stamp Centre and cement the idea.

So it is actually a possibility, and actually more than just a possibility!

> Information quote Source
> Elisabeth Sladen - Commemorative First Day Stamp Cover Tribute

Are you going to join this group?
Please comment.


  1. Yes, information the founder of the group has given . . . to us. Via personal E-Mail. Personally.

    Sourcing also includes where you first heard about the story, you know . . .

  2. My mistake, 10th Planet, I actually did not find the quote on your website at all, it was from another fan website, so there's really no need to imply that I would use the quote without stating the original source, as I didn't actually know the original source.

    However, I shall add the source in straight away - thanks for letting me know.


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