Monday, 25 April 2011

‘My Mysterious Doctor’ Poster

Following the posters released last year, such as the Crack In Time poster and the The Pandorica Opens poster of Van Gogh’s TARDIS exploding painting, the BBC have now given the official nod for a release of the painting shown during the opening minutes of ‘The Impossible Astronaut’, last Saturday, of a painting of the Eleventh Doctor in a Poseidon-like pose.


A Revealing Look at Our Favourite Time Lord

Ladies and gentlemen, please don't avert your eyes! Because if you do, you might miss out on this very special tongue-in-cheek art print that appeared as a canvas painting in Doctor Who, Series 6: "The Impossible Astronaut."

QMX is thrilled to bring you a faithful re-creation of the painting titled, "My Mysterious Doctor." It's an unabashed look at Matt Smith as Doctor Who, clutching a trident, with cherubs circling overhead and a scarlet red drape positioned ever so appropriately.

The unfinished painting was supposedly created by a nobleman's daughter, Matilda, and appeared onscreen for a few fleeting moments. Our art print is taken directly from the original painting and has been resized to 18" w x 24" h on 100-pound satin-finish paper.

Positively scandalous!* And just $14.95.

The 18-inch wide 24-inch tall poster entitled ‘My Mysterious Doctor’ is currently listed as having an RRP of $14.95 - we are yet to discover the UK retail price – and is available to order now!

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