Monday, 4 April 2011

Series 6 Episode 7 Title!

The title of Series 6 Episode 7 (the final episode of the spring half of the series) of Doctor Who has been revealed! In case there are any spoiler-phobes out there, just highlight the text in the box below…

The title of Series 6 Episode 7 is...
'A Good Man Goes To War'

The title was made public when Lizo Mzimba (BBC News’ entertainment correspondent) posted these tweets – while at the premiere screening of the first two episodes ‘The Impossibe Astronaut’ and ‘Day Of The Moon’ – on his Twitter feed…

17:43: @lizo_mzimba Lizo Mzimba – “Matt talks a bit about his hopes for DW's 50th anniversary in 2013. Steven reveals another episode title... Does that count as a spoiler?”

17:37: @lizo_mzimba Lizo Mzimba –!/lizo_mzimba/status/54946515101302784

Exciting stuff!

What are you thoughts on this news? What do you think the titles reveal about the stories?
Please comment.

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