Wednesday, 6 April 2011

John Barrowman & Bill Pullman at Cannes

In a promotional press junket, John Barrowman (Captain Jack!!) and Bill Pullman (Oswald Danes and star of Independence Day) have gone to Managers in Partnership Television Media Market (MIPTV) to promote July’s fourth series of Torchwood, ‘Miracle Day’.

They spoke to Richard Arnold about working with each other, what they love about ‘Miracle Day’, and Johnny B also talks about the growth of Torchwood from Series One way back in 2006 to Series Four and the massive changes Torchwood has undergone every series…

John Barrowman and Bill Pullman on Torchwood: Miracle Day

John Barrowman explained the approach to the new series of Torchwood even further during an interview with Deadline: There is so much more we can do with Torchwood now having made the leap to America. It’s going to be even bigger and better. And, for me on a personal level, the move to America has been amazing. The audience is going to need a forklift truck to pick their jaws off the ground. The stunt work is unbelievable. I used to do quite a lot of stunts except if it was jumping off of buildings but now I’m not allowed to because of the insurance policy. I’m much more valuable in America!”

Julie Gardner – executive producer for Torchwood since the first series – also gave her comments on the show and on the new global feeling to it in the new series: “We're taking the Welsh global - retaining the best of British drama while learning all about US production values. Previously, America was represented in our stories by two people in US military uniform. Now we can tell a truly global story with actors of the calibre of Bill Pullman.”
Speaking to Worldscreen, Julie also said: “It helps us reach some scale. We've had for the first time the opportunity to shoot both in the U.K. and also in America. We are doing bigger stunts. We are able to create more action. We have more background artists. So there is an onscreen value. The single most important thing to say is, at heart, the show remains the same. We haven't been asked to change it. We haven't been asked to be 'American', whatever that means. Both Starz and BBC One have asked us to make the best quality, most bold offering of Miracle Day that we possibly could.”

An article about the show’s much-anticipated return also shed some light on the issue of the updates and alterations to John Barrowman’s costume as Captain Jack Harkness in Torchwood: Miracle Day: “Among the tweaks on the show, Captain Jack’s iconic RAF coat has been “re-booted” with a lighter weight material and a “slimmer cut.” According to Barrowman, the former was to account for LA’s hotter weather, while the latter was the decision of the designer (Shawna Trpcic), not him.”

What do you think? Are you looking forward to Torchwood: Miracle Day?
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