Thursday, 6 November 2008

Seris 2 Guide - Doctor Who Website Update

The BBC Doctor Who official website has been updated. The makers of the site have added a new Series 2 section, like they did last month with Series 3.

The new section includes:
  • All videos in high quality Flash format
  • Brand new Fact Files
  • Screensavers
  • Graphics Artwork
  • Much more!

The article by the BBC Doctor Who site team is as follows:
"As part of our ongoing plans to migrate our New Series content to the new page designs, we are updating Series Two this morning.

In addition to the existing content, with all the video now in high quality Flash format, we have added brand new Fact Files, Screensavers and artwork from the Graphics team.

Please don't be alarmed if the site behaves a little unusually this morning (especially if you have been temporarily redirected to this news story), as there is an enormous amount of content to upload!"

Visit the official Doctor Who site >>>

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