Thursday, 27 November 2008

Hamlet at the RSC

The Royal Shakespere Company have recently revealed that the skull, held by David Tennant in the, "Alas poor Yorick" scenes in their most recent Hamlet performance, is in fact real! The skull was donated by the pianist, Andrew Tchaikowsky, to the RSC apparently in order that he may fulfill his 'acting dream'.

Tchaikowsky wrote in his will, "My skull shall be offered by the institution receiving my body to the Royal Shakespeare Company for use in theatrical performance". However, nobody who has layed Hamlet with the RSC has felt comfortable acting in front of an audience with a real human skull until now. David Tennant is the first Hamlet actor to act with the skull on stage.

The play's director, Greg Doran, said that, ""It was sort of a little shock tactic. Though, of course, to some extent that wears off and it's just André, in his box". It is thought that the skull will continue in the performance when it moves to the West End in London on 9th December this year.

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