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Sarah Jane Adventures Series 3 Episodes Preview

Digital Spy have compiled all the information which has been previously released to form a preview of Series 3 of Sarah Jane Adventures and each of its episodes...

"After a brilliant debut year and a so-so second season, The Sarah Jane Adventures is back in the autumn with a new run of six two-parters. Familiar faces such as The Doctor himself and a variety of intriguing new characters await us, with faithful mutt K-9 appearing in at least half of the season following two previous cameos. Read on for a rundown of the treats that lie in store..."

1.1-2: 'Prisoner of the Judoon'
"Adopting a similar policy to last season's opening Sontaran tale, the first story features the return of some aesthetically displeasing aliens from Doctor Who. The rhino-like intergalactic law enforcers from 'Smith and Jones' are back, with Nick Briggs once again on vocal duties.
Producer Nikki Wilson told SFX magazine: "The Judoon are joining us in our series opener, alongside a brand new monster, a reptilian character called Androvax, a Veil. He's under arrest when one of the Judoon's life carriers crashes on Earth, so a Judoon's hunting down his prisoner who's escaped."

2.3-4: 'The Mad Woman in the Attic'
"Sadly not a remake of a legendary Cracker episode of the same name, unless butchering innocent women on trains is suitable CBBC material these days. The contents of the story are shrouded in secrecy, but the cast includes Eleanor Tomlinson, Toby Parkes, Souad Faress, Gregg Sulkin and Kate Fleetwood."

3.5-6: 'The Wedding of Sarah Jane Smith'
"Whenever the chiming of wedding bells can be heard in the Whoniverse, it's a sign that something strange is happening. Just look at Gwen Cooper's shapeshifter-dominated wedding in Torchwood. Just what lies in store for Sarah Jane as she prepares to walk down the aisle? She'd better have a sonic wedding ring to accessorise with her lip gloss."
"The big news is that David Tennant will be featuring prominently as The Doctor in this story. "Viewers thought they may have to wait until November for the next full episode of Doctor Who," stated showrunner Russell T Davies, "but this is an extra special treat. It's not just a cameo from David - this is a full-on appearance for The Doctor as he and Sarah Jane face their biggest threat ever."
"Sarah Jane herself, actress Elisabeth Sladen, added: 'When I heard the news that David was going to be joining us, I was absolutely over the moon. Not only has it made my day but it will also make the viewers' day. It's fantastic news that Sarah Jane is going to spend some time working with The Doctor again and is testament to just how successful this CBBC series is."
"But what is this big threat that awaits us? Could it lie in the form of the debonair Nigel Havers, who has personified suave in a glittering acting career?"
"Sladen's real-life husband Brian Miller shows up in front of the camera, too. Nikki Wilson told Doctor Who Magazine: 'He was simply ideal casting for this pivotal role, which sees him in conflict with Sarah Jane and the gang. Although there's a lot more going on with Brian's character than might first appear.' In addition, the ever-sinister Trickster is lurking around the church. The prospect of him and The Doctor locking horns is mouthwatering..."

4.7-8: 'The Eternity Trap'
"This tale is reportedly a ghost story which features an extraterrestrial that can make people play games against their will. Floella Benjamin reprises her role as Professor Celeste Rivers from the Pharos Institute, who previously appeared in the stories 'The Lost Boy' and 'The Day Of The Clown' as an ally of Sarah Jane. The main villain is called Erasmus Darkening, played by veteran actor Donald Sumpter."

5.9-10: 'Mona Lisa's Revenge'
"Has someone been watching Ghostbusters II? This brilliantly titled two-parter involves a painting that appears to come alive, although it's not the first time that Mona Lisa has featured in the Whoniverse. For the superb 1979 story 'The City Of Death' is partially set in the Parisian art gallery Le Louvre, which houses Leonardo da Vinci's masterpiece."
"Former Corrie star Suranne Jones guests in this episode, but has she swapped Moaner Karen for Mona Lisa? Possibly, but this has yet to be confirmed. Nikki Wilson certainly has high hopes for her role, as she stated: "We conceived the character in a story meeting about 18 months ago and immediately named Suranne as perfect to play her - never imagining we'd actually get someone who's in so much demand."
"Drop The Dead Donkey legend Jeff Rawle appears too, 25 years after starring in the Doctor Who story 'Frontios'. Newsround presenter, BBC Entertainment Correspondent (and more importantly Whovian) Lizo Mzimba is also part of this story, presumably playing himself."

6.11-12: 'The Gift'
"Very little is known about the season finale, but it will surely please fans of all things Raxacoricofallapatorian. That's about as much fun to type as it is to say. It looks like the Slitheen mob are in conflict with cousins from their home world - the Blathereens. Whatever its merits, the final two episodes look like they'll be a real gas!"

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Sarah Jane Adventures is rumoured to begin airing Thursday 15th October on BBC One.

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  1. What year is this show aired?

  2. @Anonymous
    These episodes were broadcast in autumn 2009.


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