Wednesday, 19 November 2008

2009 Specials' Tidbits

I found some information recently, quite accidentle, concerning the much-awaited 2009 Specials of (what else) Doctor Who! It isn't much, but may be enough to 'keep us going'.

So, the first bit of info that I found was in Doctor Who Magazine #402 in Russell's regular feature Production Notes. He was talking merrily of his time at his book signing [The Writer's Tale, by RTD and Benjamin Cook], he said, "A signature under pressure becomes something very odd indeed. I find myself writing Result Davies. Peanut Davies. Runt Davros. One of them even looks like Pam Dance. Ben's is morphing into some weird alien pictogram (much like the ones that the Doctor will discover in 4.15, funnily enough)". Hooray for Mr Davies for giving us a little teaser to try and figure out! But it doesn't end there...

Also in Production Notes, Russel T reveals that, "pre-production on the Specials will begin Monday 24th November". Once again, that's not all...

Today I went onto a blog that has to be in my top 5 favourite blogs, Will and Seb's Blog, and discovered something very special. Apparently, a companion in one of the 2009 Specials will be called Christina! It is currently unknown as to who Christina may be played by, but Russell has said, "Watch out for Christina - sparks will fly". With thanks to Will and Seb for this, thanks guys! Make sure you visit their site for news and fan fiction HERE.

Hope you enjoyed these tidbits!
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