Friday, 7 November 2008

10,000 HITS

After hosting Doctor Who Fansite on Blogger for 5 months, my hit counter has finally reached 10,000 hits (and the hit counter was only started 3 months ago)!

So I would like to thank everyone who regularly visits, or even if you've only visited a few times. You have helped me keep this site going, so thank you!

I started Doctor Who Fansite way back on 4th January 2006 on another website host Piczo. I eventually gave up on that site and moved to Freewebs, but that was only 16th April 2008. However, I soon found out about another website hoster called Blogger, which I found to be more efficent to what I wanted to do with my site. So once again I left that site and set DWF up on Blogger and here I still am! I'm not moving on this time, though.

To see the other two previous websites, you can follow the links below:
Piczo (first DWF host) >>>
Freewebs (second DWF host) >>>

Once again, thanks to everyone who visits this site!
Please comment.


  1. Fantastic, Well Done!!! 10,000 in a few months? Now that's pretty impressive! I love this site, and all the pictures and posts you do are amazing! Keep going with the great effort you put in, because I love visiting!

    adventures through time and space

  2. Wow! 10,000! well done thedoctorwho07! 5 stars!

  3. Well Done on achieving 10,000 hits. I regularly visit you site as it is really good. Your posts are really weel done and your pics are fantastic.

    Doctor Who Mad Online


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