Thursday, 6 November 2008

David Morrisey Interview

What's On Stage have recently interviewed David Morrisey - one of the stars of this year's Christmas Special 'The Next Doctor and someone hotly tipped as the 11th Doctor - about his most recent stage play, In a Dark Dark House.

However, there was one question in the interview which us Whovians will be delighted to get as many bits of info on 'The Next Doctor' as possible.

You’re in the Doctor Who Christmas special. What can we expect?
"Well, it was Kylie last year and me this year! I play a character called The Doctor – a man who believes himself to be a Time Lord. It was great to be on board, because I’m a huge fan of the programme and of David Tennant. As for any talk of me taking over as the next Doctor, well, if or when they do choose someone, they would have to totally different to David, which I am!"

I notice that Morrisey said that his character is called The Doctor (exciting), but that his character "thinks he is a Time Lord". Doesn't sound as if he actually is one then?
Read the full interview about In a Dark Dark House, on the What On Stage website, here.

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  1. I think he is but the other doctor (DT) doesnt believe him.


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