Monday, 1 September 2008

The Favourite Episode Project

Right, so, seeing as though there isn't really any news in the world of Doctor Who and everyone seems to be getting quite bored, I've hatched a plan. So, this week I've got a voting poll for you favourite Series 1 episode and next week it will be favourite Series 2 episode, the week after is series 3 and so on. The polls won't include mini-specials (such as the Children in Need and Proms specials) as I don't count these as full episodes, but will include the Christmas specials.

For each week the 2 highest voted episodes will go into the final vote (without making it sound like a weird gameshow) where you will vote for your favourite out of the remaining 8 episodes to find out which is the overall average favourite episode since the 2005 revival.

Now you know what's happening, get voting!
Please comment.

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