Friday, 19 September 2008

Doctor Who Series 4 Soundtrack Cover

Exciting news of a Doctor Who soundtrack for Series 4 have been officially confirmed by the music company Silva Screen (see the official cover below). The music from the episodes of Doctor Who are composed by Murray Gold (as if you didn't know already) and the rumours of a Series 4 soundtrack and what might be on it have been rife in fandom for a while now. The soundtrack will be released in November and I am definitely getting mine!

Silva Screen released this article on their website yesterday (18/9/08):

"Silva Screen will be releasing Murray Gold’s music for series four of Doctor Who in November. The music from the previous three series have proved to be bestellers and have appeared on the UK Albums chart. This much anticipated collection will include Song Of Freedom, the stirring choral piece that celebrated the defeat of the Daleks in the final episode of the series and proved to be a major hit at the recent Doctor Who Prom."

Keep checking back here because as soon as more information of this soundtrack is released, I'll notify you!

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