Sunday, 14 September 2008

Classic Series Wave 2 Figures

Details on the 2nd Wave of Classic Who figures have been released. No images have been released of them yet, though; the above image is of the actual monsters that the figures are going to be of. Here's the list of Wave 2 figures (click on the names to see their Tardis
Wikia page):
  • 7th Doctor: played by Sylvester McCoy - without hat, as seen in Ghost Light (1989).
  • 8th Doctor: portrayed by Paul McGann in the TV movie (1996).
  • Ice Warrior: First appeared in The Ice Warriors (1967) as heavily armoured reptiles with claw hands.
  • Morbius Monster: With 'goldfish bowl' head and giant crab claw as seen in The Brain of Morbius (1976).
  • Mummy (Osiran service Robot)with Jar: The Mummy robot will include an urn accessory. As seen in Pyramids of Mars (1975).
  • Tenth Planet Cyberman: 10th Planet Cyberman finished in semi-transparent plastic. As seen in the four part serial The Tenth Planet (1966), featuring the First Doctor William Hartnell. In the first ever appearance of The Cybermen they land at the Antarctic on a mission to relocate all humans to the planet Mondas for transformation into Cybermen.
  • Voc Robot: V9 Voc Robot in green.
  • Krynoid (build-up figure): As seen in the Tom Baker six parter The Seeds of Doom. Collect all the figures in the wave to assemble an extra figure, just like the K-1 Robot in Wave 1 figure packs.

Will you be getting these? Which other characters or monsters do you want to be made into figures? Please comment.


  1. What?!?

    No Pertwee?? How much longer do we have to wait before we can use awesome kung-fu chopping action?

    Saving the best till last I suppose...

  2. It'd be awesome to see the Doctors completed- Troughton would be my number one choice.
    But it'd be cool to get some assistants in there - perhaps one for each Doctor:
    Susan, Jamie, Jo Grant, Sarah Jane, Tegan, Peri, Ace.
    Oh and of course we need the Brig!

    As for opponents, the Sea Devil needs it's Silurian counterpart, then perhaps a classic Sontaran, the Wirran,The Master, The Rani and Omega.

  3. I can't believe they would make the Doctor from the lame American TV movie before John Pertwee?!

    C'mon guys! Lets get the originals! The 2nd and 3rd Doctor are totally important! And how about the first Doctor while we're at it!

    Oh, and I'd love for the North American Distributor to sell them at a price I can afford.

  4. Any guesses which figure will be the 'chase' figure?

    Colin Baker sold out really quickly from wave 1.

  5. It just has to be Pertwee, Troughton and Hartnell next up. And the companions must make an appearance (or do monsters sell better as toys?). For my mind, the Delgado Master, classic Sontaran, Ogron, Draconians are all worthy (especially the Draconians - they were the best realised aliens of the whole 1963-1989 era). It would be nice to have a Leela and Peri to go with my Princess Leia Return of the Jedi bikini figure...

  6. Davros, Special Weapons Dalek, and UNIT soldiers.

  7. Davros and a special weapons Dalek!

  8. By the wiki page, they've got the molds for all doctors and a variation of one of the previous ones. Just need to get approved before they can release them.

  9. Tim

    Other CLASSIC Characters I'd like to see for AUSTRALIA

    BRIGADIER ALASTAIR GORDON LETHBRIDGE STEWART with revolver ( Battlefield gear ) 1989

    Li H'sen Chang (The Talons of Weng-Chiang in Black & White Tux with cape, top hat & cane. 1977

    a TIME LORD from (The Deadly Assassin) 1976

    Cyber Leader with Cyber trooper (Revenge of the Cybermen) 1975

    The Master (Roger Delgado) with Tissue Compression Eliminator & Auton (Terror of the Autons) 1971

    Special Weapons Dalek with White Dalek (Remembrance of the Daleks) 1988

    Davros & Nyder (Genesis of the Daleks) 1975

    Haemavore (The Ancient One) The Curse of Fenric 1989.

    Build a Figure. All Characters come with collectable parts to complete the L3 Robot (Drathro) from The Trial of a Timelord) 1986.

  10. Get to the good ones: three of the best characters: Sutekh, Linx, Romana II. All others are optional.


  11. Special weapons dalek im a collector

  12. I think the rani with the master(from the mark of the rani).

  13. May be I will have to start thinking in a different way from now onwards on the topic. Bravo! You made me think on it.

  14. @kvministries
    Always a good thing! ;) XD

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