Monday, 22 September 2008

The 11th Doctor *SPOILERS* revealed last Thursday that River Song (who we've already seen in Silence in the Library and Forest of the Dead), played by Alex Kingston, is in fact the Doctor's wife!

Russell T Davies wrote in his new book, The Writer's Tale, which is composed of emails between RTD and Doctor Who Magazine writer Benjamin Cook: "We've cast Alex Kingston as River Song. Alex Kingston. I bloody love her. Alex Kingston is the Doctor's wife." But he originally wanted Kate Winslet in this role.

About this year's Christmas special, Russell wrote: "It's the Doctor paired with a new Doctor. The best title would be The Two Doctors but maybe not. The New Doctor perhaps? Or the Next Doctor? I quite like the Next Doctor."

Since then, yes, 'The Next Doctor' is the Christmas 2008 special's title and, yep you got it, David Morrisey is the Doctor. But don't think Morrisey is taking over at Christmas because in DWM #400 RTD said that David Tennant is the Doctor in all 5 of the 2009 specials as well and will have a different companion each time.

So, maybe David Morrisey's 11th Doctor will be married to River Song? Who Knows?
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  1. so wat did river song say in the doctors ears in forest of the dead


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