Wednesday, 3 September 2008

SJA Series 2 Airdate, Site Update and Promos

Episode 1 Airdate
The official airdate of the first episode of sarah Jane adventures Series 2 has been announced! The second series will start on Monday 29th September at 5:00pm with the first part of 'The Last Sontaran' by Phil Ford.
All SJA Series 2 Titles >>>
BBC Official Website Update
The team who create the Sarah Jane Adventures official website have updated the website ready for Series 2. Mr Smith's screen has changed (the multi-coloured crystal-like screen has been replaced), the computer has changed a little (this is where you can find some of the promotional images below), the Secret Files have been updated and files on ATMOS and the "lost planet" cases can be found and there is also a new videos page. Follow the link below to have a look:

Series 2 Promo Pics
Here are the promo pictures of the characters...

The group (notice the new girl, Rani, to the right)

Sarah Jane Smith (played by Elizabeth Sladen)

Rani Chandra (played by Anjli Mohindra)

Maria Jackson (played by Yasmin Paige, who will leave after the first story due to her GCSEs)
Luke Smith (played by Tommy Knight)

Clyde Langer (played by Daniel Anthony)


  1. I reeeeeeli luv Tommy Knight and Daniel Anthony although Danny is 10 yrs older than me Tommy is only 5 and i realy hope to meet him in the future and get to no him beta hehe xxx

  2. tommy is a really good son for sarah jane but he is cute aswell.

    daniel is funny when he acts hard but then he gets all cute aswell x

    anjli is a good actress when it comes down to saving the world, but she follows sarah jane's footsteps and in the end makes it all worth while.

    well... elizabeth she is just amazing the saver of our planet thankyou sarah jane smith you are wonderful.

  3. They're all really good but dose any 1 actually know his full name????
    Its Tommy (Farell)Knight. He used to go to my primary school and some of my teachers knew him and he was born in the next town over from me.:-)

  4. omg i love tommy knight hes soo cute and daniel is really cute too!!!!
    i also like anjli shes cool!!


  5. I just love tommy knighT!!! <3

  6. I just LOVE the Sarah Jane Adventures! Elisabeth Sladen is a totally wicked actress! Tommy knight is cuuuuute <3

  7. Lurve Tommy xoxo!!! <3 <3 <3

  8. i love sarah jane but doctor who is better!!!

  9. I think that anjli and daniel are really cute as a little couple. Iwould really like to meet them in person and join them in there adventures seeming as have an idea. Tommy and yasmine suite each other they should go out if they aren't already.

  10. tommy+yasmine= <3 love!!!
    danniel+anjli= cute couple


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