Thursday, 4 September 2008

Torchwood Magazine Issue 9

The cover and information for Torchwood Magazine #9 have been released and here's the information Titan have released:
  • The Car's the Star - We take a look under the bonnet (and behind the disco lights) of the cool, iconic Torchwood SUV, with the help of the cast and crew.
  • Swiss family Torchwood - Behind the scenes on Radio 4's new international Torchwood adventure!
  • Making Up Is Hard To Do - Torchwood makeup designer Marie Doris on making faces for a living.
  • Everything Everything - Go right back to the beginning with our guide to Everything Changes!
  • Plus: Harms way, Rift War, Concept Art and more!

Torchwood Magazine #9 hits shops on September 11th for £3.75.

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